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Upon the world of Cairne there is now and has never been anything quite like the wonder of Obficina. A sprawling construction of a single city that covers the majority of the island of Apparatus in brass, steel, glass and stone. The entire construction is interconnected and leaves no surface of the natural environment it touches uncovered, the entire structure being a modular edifice that is entirely interconnected, functioning as a single construction. The strange creatures known as the Bonedancers call this strange place home, constantly building and expanding to increase not only the expansive nature of the place, but also the functionality. It is not a welcome place for outsiders, though unless provoked the Bonedancers maintain a surprisingly neutral stance towards outsiders. At the same time, however, they do not share their secrets willingly, and those brave enough to visit this mechanical wonder are advised to tread carefully.


There are no known outside species that exist within the walls of the city, at least not of their own accord.


Obficina is governed by a true democratic system, where each member of the society that is both invested and able may hold a vote in any and all matters of governance. There is no elected leader or subordinates, and no ruling council or senate type system, and each and every member of their society is expected to fulfill their function, and due to their nature and what they have become, this is seldom an issue.


The manner in which this location has been constructed and maintained over so many years lend to it near impregnable status. With the ever shifting internal workings, and the ever expanding external ones, layer upon layer of defenses, built upon every outgrown exterior are still fully functional, making the breaching of each layer of the city yield its own lethal implements of destruction, not to mention the maze of tunnels, tubes, and corridors that make navigating it for anyone not a resident of the location next to impossible.

Industry & Trade

Due to their nature and the general attitude towards them by the other species of Cairne, trade has been slow to take hold, though the Bonedancers are more than eager to take part in the global economic workings. They use resources at a rapid pace due to their constant construction, and with their island nearly now devoid of any remaining resources, they have begun to set their eyes upon other locations. There was a lesson learned however, in their confrontations with the Sahahimu Peoples, and in order to avoid further destruction of the limited number of them that remain, they have opted to seek peaceful means of acquiring them.


The internal workings of the city are ingenious. It is important to remember that the entire city is one structure, completely self contained. It is a constant bustle of activity, building, maintaining, altering, expanding, etc. Safety is maintained by integrated fire suppression systems that tap directly into the coolant pipelines that pull water from the ocean depth, and cycle the cool water through various systems throughout the structure before depositing it and the heat it carries back into the sea. In the event of a fire, valves in that area will be triggered and a heavy spray of the water will dowse the flames. This is a very rare occurrence, seeing as the majority of the construction is non-flammable materials such as brass, steel, and stone, but on those rare occasions, the problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently.    The majority of longer distance travel and communication within the city is handled through a pneumatic tube system, carrying passengers in the larger ones, and capsules with written communications in the smaller ones. This speedy means of spreading word and individuals around has proven to be remarkable efficient as well, assuring that no matter what, the right number of Bondancers will always be in the right location quickly when needed.     The entirety of the structure is dimly lit, both internally and externally, by a system of carbon arc lamps that are dotted all over the structure, powered by both the geothermal ducts beneath the Island, and a hydrothermal system powered by the movement of the water through the capital.


It is difficult to pin down specific district, as the internal workings of the city are in a constant state of flux. A research lab one month, my function as a art studio the next, and to the outside there does not seem to be a rhyme or reason to it. The only constants are The Archive , and the great foundries that process the raw materials that are constantly being mined from the depths below the structure.


The most priceless stores of this location are the nearly forgotten histories and technical documentation supposedly still stashed away in the depths of The Archive . The information held there could likely be used to either take Cairne to the next stage of technological development, or guarantee an iron grip of power over the world indefinitely depending on who held the information.


When the spirit of Arterryx Vedikki's attempts to save his people turned sour, he was pushed to his limits to keep up with the demands they made of him. Aside from the modifications that were demanded of him, the designs of a new city were added to his overwhelming duties as well, and it was in this that the beginnings of the city were born, starting with the Archive and expanding exponentially from there. Impatient as they were in those early days, it did not take long for the Syllandyha to dive into the project themselves, plowing through the resources of the island quickly and creating a sophisticated maze of structures that grew quickly. As the violence against the Sahahimu Peoples escalated the engineer, in his despair and reviled by the horror of what his people had become, locked himself away in his personal workshop, sealing himself in just below the lowest reaches of The Archive , never to be seen again. It was only thanks to the superior defenses of their city that the war did not end with their destruction, and it had a humbling effect on the culture as a whole, now known as the Bonedancers.
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