Cairne The War of the Bonedancers

The War of the Bonedancers

Military: War


Following the path from whence the newcomers had arrived, Syllandyha scouts discovered Sanctuary, and using their modified abilities and tools they were able to quickly locate settlements where the strange people had originated from. The Island was rich with resources, and a tempting target for both the natural bounty, and the bodies of the inhabitants as well.

Moved to action by their forward scouts reports of what they described as a primitive culture of humans, the Syllnadyha began stripping resources to make small ships strong enough to carry them to their destination, the island of Sanctuary that had been so close all of this time and them entirely unaware of its presence. The assault began swiftly, their struggles to enter the workshop of Arterryx Vedikki now a long forgotten afterthought. Initially, the raids on the outlying villages met with limited opposition, catching the inhabitants either off guard or even in some cases, curious or even friendly. The Syllandyha used this to their advantage, and to the detriment of the native inhabitants. They were not prepared, however, for what happened next.   As the initial raids concluded and the Syllandyha returned with their spoils and captives, the Sahahimu raged and prepared, calling a moot at the steps of Wemi Tali to discuss what needed to be done. The confederacy unified and began to deploy their people and fill the waters with their kayaks and canoes. When the Syllnadyha returned, expecting another round of easy invasions the offensive came in a blaze of unexpected fury, the small maneuverable crafts of the Sahahimu easily harrying and sinking the clumsy, quickly made scrap boats that carried the Syllandyha. The ones that did make it to shore were met by beasts that walked on two legs, wolves and bears, boars and panthers leapt upon them, wiping out the entire remains of the invading forces in a matter of an hour.   This began a war that carried on for three years, and wrought devastating losses on both sides as a result. The limited remains of the Syllandyha were dwindling, and repairing and replacing those of them that fell had become increasingly and troublingly more difficult, forcing them to admit to themselves that this campaign against their neighbors had become far more costly than they could endure for an further extended war. The Sahahimu were not much better off, the war having caused significant losses on their side as well, and even worse, a large number of tribe members that had shifted into their conjoined form with their animal spirits, and had lost themselves to the rage of the fight, and had become trapped there, unable to shift back, their minds lost forever.   The war ended finally, in a truce being called and an end to the violence.

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