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Zevrhan was the second son and third child of the Antecedent Mother of All. He is portrayed as an enormous, hulking man with fiery red hair and a huge disheveled beard. In most renderings he is shown to be fiercely angry and weilding a monstrously large hammer. Most of these pictorial representations have him wearing vast plates of metal armor across his chest and legs and beating a raw steel on an anvil. Zevrhan was said to have a short temper and very little patience for politics, opting instead for action as the quickest way to resolve issues. He did often show favor to the dwarves of Underhome, and in numerous stories is said to have helped build and excavate some of the more famous halls and chambers there. He was the easiest for Volri to manipulate into bringing about the Blight, as the propaganda and political squabbling of the Becht and the Seanachi served only to irritate his nature. When the Blight came down upon the Islands of Seanachai, stories are told that the ground forces could hear him bellowing out laughter...until it hit and he realized what had been done. Enraged, he withdrew from the world and disappeared.

Divine Domains

The god of craftsmen, war, and dwarves

Divine Symbols & Sigils

  • Symbol A Hammer and Anvil
  • Colors Silver and Gold

Tenets of Faith

  • Holy Places The Forge
  • Existing Houses of Worship None. While some of the more superstitious dwarves may still silently utter a dedication to him while starting a new project, there is no active worship of him. Many of his symbols and sacred forges remain lost within the Blighted areas of Underhome.


While Zevrhan did not favor a particular day or time of year, any time a sizable vein of ore was found, new construction started, or smithy opened, the first strike of the hammer was always dedicated to him by the craftsmen. To not do so was considered bad luck and would put a dark cloud over whatever project had been neglected.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Current Status
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Current Residence
Bright brown
Fiery red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Rugged tan

Cover image: Zevrhan by Midjourney


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