Cairne The Gift of the Forge

The Gift of the Forge

Religious event


Pleased with his creation deep below the surface of Cairne, Zevrhan grants his favored people the gift of the forge, granting them the skill and endurance to maintain and work with stone and metal.

Proud of his work, and eager to see what his chosen people and creation would attain, Zevrhan granted the dwarves the fire of spirit and strength of stone needed to mold these elements to their will and begin to create their kingdom, far below the surface of Cairne, where they would be free to expand and grown unhindered by the meddling of his siblings and their own creations. Seeing a need for balance, the young god divided this power between his creations, seeing one as the anvil and the other as the hammer, he hoped they would live in a unified symbiosis and together ascend to even greater things.

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