Cairne The Construction of Underhome

The Construction of Underhome

Construction beginning/end


Now armed with their new skill and ability, and bolstered by their patriarchal patron deity, the dwarves and gnomes begin the long process of shaping their granted domain, which they named Underhome.

Sending forth their miners and masons, the dwarves and gnomes begin fervently expanding underground into further and further reaches of the spaces below the surface of Cairne, all the while expanding their skill and knowledge of the arts the deployed in the process. over the next two hundred years, there existed a harmony of work and creation as the kingdom expanded ceaselessly and slowly evolved into a massive and intricate domain filled with the fires and ringing sounds of hammers as the peoples of Zevrhan quickly grew in power and scope of ability, their wonders of engineering and craftsmanship amazing even Zevrhan himself often, leading to him offering a direct hand in the construction from time to time.

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