Cairne Zevrhan Forges the Deep Dwellers

Zevrhan Forges the Deep Dwellers

Religious event


In an act of sheer determined will and sacrifice, Zevrhan molds the dwarves and gnomes upon his forge, creating a species of life and culture that would help shape Cairne and further the evolution of life itself through acts of ingenious creation and superior craftsmanship.

Having little patience for his siblings, Zevrhan withdrew quickly to the underground realms of the world they had created, opting to seek solace in solitude and peace in the dark and silence of that domain. It was only a short time until, even in his solitude, the young god grew weary of his self imposed exile and listless, feeling as though some purpose was missing from his existence. As his frustration grew, he began to grow more and more frustrated with his own reality and as that rage boiled over, he fell upon his anvil, slicing open his hand and bleeding upon it. Taking the essence of his own divinity, he began to mold the blood mingled with stone into small figures which he scattered throughout the sprawling subterranean domain he had created for himself, and where each of them fell, a dwarf or gnome sprang up, brought into existence by the divine power that had created them. Curious, Zevrhan watched as they began to grow and change, finding one another and celebrating their lives by following the example of the one that made them and pouring their hearts into creating an empire below the surface of Cairne.    It is said this is one of the only times Zevrhan ever smiled.

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