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Void Siren

A nightmare manifested in the form of a beautiful figure beckoning you to join them in the shadows with sweet, melancholic songs of love and desire, only to leave you standing in the darkness, lost and without a hope of ever seeing the sun rise again. Many tales of this creature's wiles and horror are found throughout the Eastern Wastes and the Blighted Lands, most of them tales of woe and warning to those that stray too far towards the edge of the fringes. This cautionary tale does little to aid those that are captured by the Void Siren's song however, as once they have their hooks into a person, little can be done beyond either physically restraining the individual, or killing the siren to stop the song.

Basic Information


In the rare cases where one of these creatures is seen and the individual lives to tell they tale, they are always described as an alluringly beautiful member of the desired sex of the viewer, suggesting that their true form may well be little more than a manifestation of the Void energy itself. They are always dark in color, with fair features, though they almost never show their faces, and when they do, it is never a good thing for the one they show it to.

Ecology and Habitats

These creatures exist in the Void exclusively, and are never found outside of it.


While little is known about the actual motivations of the Void Siren, they do seem to follow a general pattern. When a potential victim strays too close to the fringes of the Void, the siren will sense them as they begin to disturb the outer edges of the Blighted domain and begin their song. The oddity of this ability is that it seems to target a single individual at a time excluding all other not only to the effect, but to the ability to hear it at all. This strange phenomenon is used to single out a victim and draw them in. Once they are within the reach of the Void itself, just at the edge before the lethal aspects of that place begin to cause painful harm, the Siren will abandon their prey to whatever else is waiting nearby in a symbiotic hunting tactic. The Siren is always surrounded by a myriad of other Blight born Void spawn.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found strictly within the borders of the Void itself.

Average Intelligence

While they do seem to show some signs of intelligence, they have never been documented as communicative in any way outside their song.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Void Siren has perfect Void Sight, and has the uncanny ability to sense whenever the edges of the Blight are disturbed, like a spider sensing the vibrations of their web.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

The Void Siren is always surrounded by a group of other creatures, waiting on it to draw in victims for them to feast on.

Civilization and Culture


It is said that the Void has influenced every aspect of life and death in Cairne, but the Void Siren is proof that this influence does in deed go both ways. Whatever the Void Siren may be, there is no doubt that the power it uses is a learned or carried over ability taken from the Seanachaisians themselves. This form of aural manipulation is powerful and the ability to single out only one individual in a group to hear it is an ability the Seanachaisians are documented as having had been able to achieve. Some suspect that the Sirens are spirits of powerful Seanachaisian musicians that were dominated and corrupted into doing the bidding of the Void, while others suspect that the Void itself is learning from every life it consumes.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Void Manifestation
Related Ethnicities

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