Cairne The Death of Margaret Effron

The Death of Margaret Effron

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After a long reign, the beloved Sovereign, Margaret Effron passes quietly in her home following a lifetime of dedicated efforts to raise the Empire of the Becht back into the light, leaving her son Zigmund as her sole heir.

By the end of her life, Margaret had become one of the most beloved and highly respected rulers that had ever claimed the title. In her time she proved to be tactful, respectful, wise, and concise in her actions and their outcomes as well. While she endured a great many potential scandals and problems, she remained forthright and honest, never hesitating to open up with her people, and never being to overcome with her status to believe herself above the judgement of the population to which she held herself responsible. It is said that in her final years, though this was never confirmed, that even Sighnai Oifrei had come to hold the leader in high regard.    She passed quietly in her sleep after a full day of meetings and consultations, having worked well into her twilight years and never pausing in her efforts to better the station of her people and her Empire, always believing that there was an elevated place for her people where they could once again shine and carry forth great and wondrous change into the world for the better.

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