A blind, tropical fish native to Rengia and a topic of many horror stories.

The pissfish is a small parasitic fish native to the tropical rivers of Rengia. It is usually not a threat to folk who work along the rivers but has become a famous campsite horror story of folks who have relieved themselves on the job by urinating in the water.   In normal circumstanes, the pissfish seeks out the gills of much larger fish where it latches itself in to feed and lay its eggs. Most of these hatch within the prey but in some cases the eggs will fall to the river bed and hatch there if they aren't eaten by other creatures.   The horror stories have done wonders for local tourism, and visitors are willing to pay a lot of coin to dare their friends to eat some pickled pissfish. Despite the unappetising name, this freshwater fish is actually delicious and many locals use it as an everyday staple in their cooking.  

Something in the Water

The pissfish have no eyes and are completely blind. They hunt their prey by scent and are drawn towards blood and ammonia, which traces of can be found in urine. When it senses it in the water it swims at an alarming speed up the stream and into the source, where it will lodge itself inside of the opening with the thorn-like barbs on its head.