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The Seven Wonders

The party consists of the player characters of the campaign: Aegis⁣⁣, Aera⁣⁣, Himemiya Llue⁣⁣ (formerly), Ish, Jeff Humanman⁣, Meyloni⁣, Valweld'mion Gi'ila, Willow   They are the focal point of the events unfolding within the story.


The Seven Wonders first banded together in Barovia, when each of its founding members were pulled into a pocket plane in the Shadowfell. There, they would go on to defeat Strahd von Zarovich and free the plane to the rest of the planar system.   They were returned to the Material Plane, deposited in Silene where they would defeat the doppleangler abominations beneath the temple to Savras and retrieve the Jade Room Crown.   Following this, the party would meet Faelyn Ar'aphine who hired them to escort him to Emalora. They took the job he recommended to them, acting as bodyguards at a masquerade. There, they would encounter Lemony, Meyloni's twin sister, who assassinated their charge to claim payment for a contract with the devil she served.   Having learned that Mila's father went missing, the party traveled first to Va Anore and then to the Mandrake Mire where they would find the Mire Lair. Here, Jeff made a deal with Bricaryn to save his friends. Aera was slain and then revived by Meyloni. The party was able to find a teleportation scroll that would later lead them to Uradoola Island.   A deal with an entity named Doc brought the Seven Wonders to the Mandehanwei Rainforest. Here, Marvey handed over a collection of notes the party had found in Doc's old workplace. While traveling through this rainforest, Jeff was felled by a creature from the Court of the Raven Queen. The party was alerted that the Court was watching them, and would be issuing multiple tests.   After a short break, the party set their sights overseas, to the Isles of Faran Iqueia.   While traveling, the party encountered Losian Island, where the dragon Erserun delivered prophecies to all but Willow, whose strings were said to be split and tangled beyond comprehension. An attack by pirates introduced the party to Demetrius Strigoi, and granted them ownership of The Eighth Wonder.   Passing by a fungal island, the party became aware of the fairy named Cassidy, and delved into the island to rescue him. Cassidy issued Jeff summons from Bricaryn before parting ways.   The party arrived in Faran Iqueia, where Mila would be able to reconnect with family for the first time in centuries. However, this was only after Demetrius revealed his true colors, killing Mila. Marvey resurrected him, allowing the party to track Demetrius down and slay him in turn.   As the Wonders had been called to action by the Raven Queen's Court, they chose to hurriedly take care of what business they could. Jeff answered Bricaryn's summons, journeying to the Feywild with his companions, where he would choose to join The Liminal Courts. They then pursued an offer made by the Nicolayic wives. They traveled to the Mainland of Faran Iqueia in order to slay Lord Creobotra. However, tensions had been running high between Marvey and the party, and she decided to take her leave. As the party engage with Creobotra, now without their second cleric, they were joined by a new ally: Ish the hunter, an eladrin ranger who had been sent to them by their companions, Umbra and Nox.   Following Creobotra's defeat and a brief return to Isarus, the party was taken into the Shadowfell. They were accompanied by Weaver Alim'nev, who escorted them through Uradoola Island and to the entrance of the lair they were meant to infiltrate. The party delved underneath, allowing some cultists to flee but slaying those who chose to fight. They were able to rescue the abducted shadar-kai, including Mila's father, though Aegis was killed and could not be immediately revived.   Following this battle, Alim'nev revealed that he was Mila's half-elven child, having joined the Court in his afterlife. The party performed the resurection ritual for Aegis, successfully bringing her back, as she had decided her work in life was not yet finished.   Before the party could rest, they found that the city of Silene, as well as the western coast of Isarus, had been overtaken by a blizzard and that their longtime friends, Faelyn and Dahlia, had both gone missing. They traveled to Aera's homeland, the Storm Horns, where they were able to find a recently-tortured Faelyn. They escorted him to the rift to the elemental plane of air, where he closed the portal to end the blizzard that poured through it.   The party took a well-earned break, resting in the new home granted to them by the city of Silene. During this break, however, an old curse on Meyloni's hands began to worsen. She summoned the devil, Rastrimez, to seek an end to his curse. His offer: for Meyloni to kill her mother, and using her soul to take Meyloni's place.   With little other option, the party tracked Berí Talpur down in Asuvia, where they would battle and slay her, ending Meyloni's curse. They would then turn to Willow's own quest, traveling to the Lemstone Sea in answer to a dream sent to her by Savras.   Here, the Wonders would delve into the The Sunken Temple, where they would find and claim The Azure Key. However, here they would learn that Faelyn had been working against them, and that he was a fey by the name of Didrangha. He issued a threat to the party to force their compliance as he took the key and disappeared.   Following this, the party disbanded for a time in order to recover from this betrayal.   After regrouping, the Wonders decided to at long last take the journey to Sacar. They prepared for the trip and set out through the Lockhem Wilds. Travel became treacherous once they hit the Barrens of the desert, where they struggled to find enough food and water to survive. Here, they would encounter a disguised Didrangha again, and later meet a trio of Fire Giants on their way to The City of Night.   In the City of Night, the Wonders attended a meeting of giants, lead by the Burning Emperor, Isatum, who was apparently aligned with Didrangha. They also reunited with an old friend, Titus.   The party left the city to complete their journey across the wastes, until at last they reached the border of the Sacari Empire. It had expanded greatly in Aegis' absence, and their first stop was at the Boundary of Dawn, the former marker of Sacar's border. They found the monument desolate and corrupted, touched by the Shadowfell. Venturing inside, they met the cleric, Leelloo, and allied with them to try to purge the tower of its corruption.   Instead, they very nearly met an untimely end. A plea to Didrangha had him coming to their aid, able to rescue those stuck inside the tower's final floor, though he warned them it would be the only time he would help them in this way. The party continued their journey, reaching the city of Malasuf.   While visiting the city's church, they confronted a strange man who turned out to be Sawbones in disguise. They pursued him into the street and arrested him, later deciding they would have to break him out of jail both to interrogate him and save him from a brutal death. In this breakout attempt, the party lost Aegis, who was abducted across the desert to the Black Dunes. They would temporarily ally with Leelloo and their companion, Abasi, in order to rescue her.


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