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Mandehanwei Rainforest

An ancient rainforest, trees stretching hundreds of feet into the air with trunks the reach tens of feet across. Mist curls between these great behemoths, obscuring your view when the rain does not. The thick canopy promises dim light, hiding those creatures that call this place home.


The forest is built on uneven land and threaded with rivers and streams. These connect the various lakes and ponds that pepper the area.

Fauna & Flora

Hydra. The hydra are known to be large, multi-headed creatures. When one head is chopped off, two more grow in its place, though some form of elemental damage can prevent this regeneration. Hydra are territorial and should be avoided when possible.   Displacer Beasts. Monstrous felines with barbed tendrils that split off their back. They possess a certain resonance with the ethereal plane that makes them difficult to strike. Displacer beasts will scout out their prey before determining if they should strike — if you are lucky enough to realize you are being stalked, attempt to make yourself seem threatening.   Giant Axolotls. Enormous white axolotls swim through the rivers and lakes of the rainforest. They are known to have a friendly disposition to those able to commune with beasts.

Natural Resources

A cavern within the rainforest is known to yield Ghost Resin.


  The rainforest is home to the druidic colony which Terestri was apart of.   A copper dragon, Noándeil, dwells within the rainforest.  


  Mount Quanreeg is a singular mountain that rises up towards the northern edge of the rainforest.   There are two major lakes within the rainforest. One stretches for tens of miles, the other is of a fractional size in comparison.
Forest, Cloud / Water (Subtropical)
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