Lord Cassidy of the Liminal Courts (a.k.a. The Springtide Herald)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Cassidy is modeled after an orchid mantis, with white skin, pink hair, and red eyes. He is lanky and dexterous in build.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Cassidy was sent to find Jeff Humanman and deliver the means by which he could reach Bricaryn. The closest rift between Jeff's position on the Material Plane brought Cassidy to a fungal island, where he was attacked and restrained. The party came to his rescue, cutting him free and casting a lesser restoration to attempt to combat the infection he feared.   Following this, Cassidy presented Jeff with an orchid pin that could be used to call him, so he could bring Jeff to the Feywild. Sooner than expected, Jeff did so, allowing Cassidy to bring him and the rest of the party into the Liminal Court of Autumn. After meeting with Bricaryn, Cassidy became their escort through the Feywild to bring them back to Talrok island. He was present for the encounter with the Peddler, and used as its initial mouthpiece.   Mila has picked up that Cassidy appears to harbor something of a crush on Jeff.


Cassidy role in the Liminal Courts is to welcome people and help convince them to join. As such, he is asked to present a likeable persona, to act cheerful and understanding but not dangerous, so as to make people feel more at ease.   He appears to be trained in swordsmanship.

Mental Trauma

Cassidy stated that his transformation into a fey was unwilling. He seemed to imply trouble with memories by his reaction to Mila's questioning.   The court he was previously apart of allegedly employed him as an entertainer — with acts that posed risks to his own safety. One such act was juggling blades, though he appears to be trying to reclaim this talent.


Contacts & Relations

Cassidy was once apart of the Viridian Court, serving under the Archfey Anathema. He was cast out, and has since been inducted into the Liminal Courts.


Cassidy is a polite and soft-spoken individual. He tends to state things with a literal meaning and is unlikely to crack jokes or make facetious statements thanks to this. He appears to lack the aloof exterior of most fey, visibly losing his nerve when confronted with troublesome subjects.   Cassidy thus far appears to be both gracious and forgiving, expressing the hope that he will be able to repay the party's debt in saving him as well as forgiving Jeff for striking him in a state of confusion.   Despite his softer attitude, he has shown himself capable of brandishing the authority granted to him within the Liminal Court.




Towards Bricaryn




Towards Cassidy


Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord   The Springtide Herald
Pink sclera, red pupils
Curly, pink
Skin Tone
Alabaster white
Aligned Organization
The Liminal Courts
Known Languages
Common, Elvish, Sylvan

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