The Sunken Temple

A temple under Ko's protection. It is sunken between the Lemstone Sea, in the Eye of Glacefaite. Under hundreds of feet of water, in the dark and cold, this temple can be found. Each door warns trespassers away, ancient pleas to leave its halls in silence.   The Seven Wonders discovered this place when Willow received a dream encouraging her to seek it out. They delved into a lagoon, to find the entrance to this temple hidden in its depths. Here, they retrieved The Azure Key.

Purpose / Function

This temple once served multiple purposes. At current time, it is a crypt as well as a memorial to those lost in a great battle. The Empyrean, Xiasis, is represented with her defeat of "The Leviathan." The relic of Zara, a champion to Istus and Thiar, is held in this temple as well.   The temple also once held the blade, Lullaby, as well as the Azure Key. Lullaby has since been taken into the possession of Valweld'mion Gi'ila, and the key by Faelyn Ar'aphine.

Cathedral / Great temple


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