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Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Willow has intricate tattoos decorating her face.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Willow was raised in the Convent of Fate, a monastery dedicated to Savras. She was blinded at an early age and took to magic over monk techniques, learning how to summon a familiar through which she could see.   At a point before the events of the campaign, the monastery burned to the ground and it was believed the entire organization except for Willow had perished. She left the city of Videria, and an undetermined time later met the Seven Wonders in Barovia.   She has since learned there was one survivor of the fire: a dear friend named Rowan.


Willow received standard monk training and an education in religion. She also chose to study divination magic.

Morality & Philosophy

Willow follows the teachings of Savras — all events are fated, and fate cannot be changed. Once a person dies, she believes they are meant to stay dead. When Aera died in the Mire lab, Willow left the scene but did not stop her companions from reviving him.
Cataract white
Skin Tone
Pale blue
Aligned Organization

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