Losian Island

An island found in the Godosa Sea. Strange lights drift through the air, following the tune of a song that only some who visit can hear. The island poses a risk to those who venture too deep, stealing them from their companions, or coaxing them to stay. It is easy to become lost here, willingly or not.   Losian was once a home to the ancient dragon and prophet, Erserun. The island was formerly guarded by Sazara, a celestial of Thuias' domain, and inhabited by clan of merrow.


A small island, covered in dense wood. At one edge, it rises into tall mountains. There is a system of underwater caves, tunnels and caverns where the merrow made their homes, and Erserun carved their lair.

Localized Phenomena

The island is partially overlapped by multiple demiplanes. The first was Sazara's domain: a difficult-to-navigate forest brimming with fireflies. Lost objects and old voices were scattered amid the trees. This is believed to have acted as a defense against trespassers finding Erserun's den.   The other acted as an afterlife for the souls that could not or had yet to pass into The Raven Queen's domain. Here, lost souls either wandered without purpose, or desperately tried to carve one out. The Seven Wonders found themselves in this plane after their mass death at the hands of Didrangha.

Alternative Name(s)
Isle of the Lost


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