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A skyline of glass and steel, serrating the horizon. Neat grids are the mark of industry, massive factories coughing out purple smoke that forms a dusky overlay in the sky, turning the blue of day to violet.


Emalora is fairly segregated in wealth, divided into specific districts with visibly differing standards of living.

Industry & Trade

Emalora is best known for metal manufacturing/fabrication and the factory refinement of arcane materials. Many of their factories employ constructs for heavy lifting and dangerous duties.


Much of the city is formed from metal. It is designed in a grid, with rectangular buildings that either sit wide and low or tall and skinny. Individual housing tends to be small, compact, and connected, with no yards inbetween. There is not much room allocated to plantlife, save for a few parks in the wealthier districts.

City Districts



  This district is clustered with factories and crowded housing. Much of the population here consists of poor laborers and factory workers.    

The Howling Kruthik

A dingy-looking tavern. The party has not entered this establishment.    

The Cuprum District

  Home to more middle-class living and businesses.  

The Steamvent

  A comfortable inn, known for their warm drinks. 8 sp/room/night. Meals not included.  

Tyra's Terrific Trinkets

  A tinkerer's shop, owned by the half-orc Tyra Taria.  

Platinum Heights

  The upper-class district. Home to city officials are prestigious businesses.  

The Mask Shop

  A hard-to-find shop. It has no windows nor signs to advertise its placement, only found by word of mouth. Run by Tusdilaokt (Locke).  

The Jororis Estate

  The manor belonging to the Jororis family.  

The Decadent Wyrm: Bronze Dragon Edition

  The bronze dragon edition of The Decadent Wyrm. It offers a variety of suites:   The Basic Suite  
  • Full bed
  • Room service
  • Hot spring access
  • Single-person bath
The Aristocratic Suite  
  • Queen bed
  • Room service
  • Massage service
  • Private hot spring
  • Multiple-person bath
  • Scented candles/soaps/oils/luxury goods
  • Access to a smoking lounge
  • Small balcony
The Crowned Suite  
  • King bed
  • Large balcony
  • All services included in the Aristocratic Suite
  • A personal escort
Large city
Owning Organization
Other characters in location
Dahlia (Former)
Akita Kazusane (Former)
Ilphas Jororis (Former)
Elandorr Jororis (Former)
Tyra Taria

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