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The Decadent Wyrm

The greatest luxury your life will ever know — step in, honored guest. Within each room is a personal treasure trove of comfort. Welcome to the Decadent Wyrm.

The Decadent Wyrm is a chain of hotels located throughout the world, and even beyond the planes. Each establishment is styled after a different type of dragon, but are all consistent in two regards: they are luxurious, and they are expensive.  

Known Locations:

  Black Dragon (Found in Barovia. Current status unknown.)   Bronze Dragon. (Found in Emalora)   Gold Dragon. (Found in Va Anore)   Blue Dragon. (Found in Port Kahale)   Silver Dragon (Found in Shanhou, Asuvia)   Dragon Turtle (Found in Benquet)   Brass Dragon (Found in The City of Night)


Bronze Dragon   Copper Dragon   Green Dragon   Red Dragon (Plane of Fire)   White Dragon   Shadow Dragon (Shadowfell — rebranded from Black Dragon)   Black Dragon (rebranded)   Fairy Dragon (Feywild)   Wyvern   Pseudodragon (Dreushai)   Drake   Mind Flayer Dragon (Underdark)   Snapdragon
Corporation, Business

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