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Port Kahale

A city of color and life, Port Kahale stands out in bright pigments. The bell tolls on the hour, swaying with tapestries that billow in the wind. The temple brims with those seeking to pay their respects to the Lady of Fate, or those who wander its expansive gardens for a respite from the bustling city life.


The city consists of staggered buildings, varying heights rising and falling along the city's skyline. Nearly all of the buildings are colorfully painted in all shades and hues. Flying flags and banners is commonplace, especially for the larger institutions.


Port Kahale is located on the eastern coast of the Kingdom of Isarus. It is framed by the Godosa Sea. Low, grassy mountains and sparse woods occupy the space outside the city.

City Locations


The Godosa Library

  A large library and archive owned by the Archmage Yafet.  

The Temple of Istus

  Sprawling grounds open to the public. The temple is surrounded by a veritable campus of grass lawns where people can relax or play. There are winding gardens with benches for people to sit. A large clocktower rises up nearby the temple itself, which consists of an open-air structure and another area that is protected by glass walls.   Behind the temple, a cemetery is built on a terraced hill. One plot of land has been hallowed.   This temple is a place of worship for both Istus and her wife, The Raven Queen.
Port Kahale.jpg
Large city
~ 60,000
Location under
Owning Organization
Characters in Location
Other NPCs in Location
Archmage Yafet
Tamsin's father and sister
Tamin (Sometimes)

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