The City of Night


The City of Night gets its reputation specifically for the sheer diversity of its population. Aside from humanoid folk, the city is designed to accept and accommodate any person who would seek a life within its borders, so long as they follow its laws.   Any humanoid, especially those who are rejected by other peoples — such as thri-kreen and goblins — can live comfortably here, alongside giants and giant-kin, elementals, vampires, weres, and those with a mixed heritage or who are touched by other plans, such as cambions, tieflings, and changelings.


Nyctalis is the capital city of the Taruta Dynasty, and home to the Star-Scaled King, Amenruta.


Though people are free to leave the city whenever they wish, one can only enter in specific ways. At most points in time, the city slightly overlaps the Ethereal Plane, preventing physical entrance. Instead, one would have to find a way to shift planes, or use a designated teleportation circle alongside special material to enter — most specifically, Ghost Resin is noted to be the necessary component to access the city's circles.   The only way to enter the city without these methods is on the night of Serien's full moon. On these nights, the city is visible to the Material Plane, allowing those waiting for entry to pass through, with guards stationed around its perimeter to ensure there will be no foul play.   Additionally, the city is home to Amenruta, a presence which discourages most from attempting any attack or invasion.

City Locations


The Grand Dominion Theater

  A theater in the Giant District. It is typically reserved for performances, but can be repurposed for other occassions.  

The Decadent Wyrm (Brass Dragon Edition)

  Likely the most elaborate of the wyrms, standing many stories tall with rooms large enough to suit giants, and even the dragons for which they are named.  


  The city's best-known magic shop. Its stock is somewhat staggered. While they are quite limited in spell scrolls and magic items, occasionally those who visit the city may pawn off something of rarity.  

The Palace

  The home of the Star-scaled King. It sits at the tallest point in the city, atop a great mesa. Rounded, golden roofs rise into a trio of peaks, mirroring the three moons. Often, you can see the great dragons rising from these peaks to make their arcs about the city, and sometimes beyond.  

The Solstice Archive

  This library holds a grandiose collection, accounts from across the world and planes, belonging to people whose voices are rarely recorded. As such, they do not actually allow pieces to be removed from the building, and often assign escorts to its visitors.
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Large city
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Taruta Dynasty
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