Doctor Demetrius Strigoi (a.k.a. Sawbones)

Physical Description

Physical quirks

One of Demetrius' eyes is cloudy and blind. It is surrounded by arcane scarring.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Demetrius has claimed to be a medical doctor as well as an alchemist. The party found him aboard the Crimson Terror as a captive, and have since hired him as a ship doctor.   He claims to have grown up in southern Isarus, and that he worked out of Benquet before making a hasty exit, as he ran into trouble with some unsavory people. His occupation as an alchemist allegedly lent him to a skill with developing potions and poisons alike.         Upon arriving in Faran Iqueia with the party, Demetrius was quick to reveal his true colors. He struck Mila with a poisoned needle and left him to die shortly after, revealing only that he had some involvement with the people who kidnapped Eld'rhistel Gi'ila. He was killed in his attempt to flee, and the party's attempt to capture him.


Medical school, one would hope.

Morality & Philosophy

Demetrius has proven to have little to no moral code. He is somewhat sadistic in nature, taking joy in the opportunity to inflict pain and displays amusement at causing others distress. He is quick to lie, and will emotionally manipulate others in order to place himself in a more advantageous position.

Circumstances of Death
Killed by Marvey through Vampiric Touch
Black sclera, slit pupils, icy-blue irises. One eye is cloudy/blind.
Long, black
Skin Tone

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