Himemiya Llue

Himemiya Llue (a.k.a. Marvey)

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Marvey has a light-colored "star" marking on the middle of her forehead, as well as lighter fur along the bridge of her nose. One of her shoulderblades is entirely covered in violet mushrooms.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Marvey spent most of her life in Dragonhome, a firbolg community hidden in the mountains. Before the events of the campaign she left Dragonhome, effectively exiling herself unless she is able to bring adequate new material to add to the archives. Later it is revealed that Marvey departed from her home in order to search for her missing mother, Phihe.   Marvey joined the Seven Wonders in Barovia, and remained with them for seven months. Strained relations with the party lead to her eventual departure in Faran Iqueia.   Since leaving the Seven Wonders, Marvey has opened up a small clinic in the port town of Benquet, where she seems to be far happier than she was as an adventurer.


Under the watchful eyes of various scholars, the various resources of Dragonhome allowed Marvey to receive a quality education. While she grew up pressured to become a historian, she found solace through mortuary sciences, and was taken as an apprentice by the elderly mortician, Azuca.

Morality & Philosophy

Marvey has a skewed sense of morality due to her upbringing, which placed the pursuit and preservation of knowledge before all else. Often times, she prioritizes the promise of learning new things above any sort of negative consequence that could befall her or those around her. If there are questions to be had, Marvey wants answers, and she'll stop at nothing to get them.


Marvey does not lie, as lying is punished severely in her culture.

Personality Characteristics


During her time with the Seven Wonders, Marvey was primarily motivated to find her mother, Phihe Llue, who left Dragonhome roughly a hundred and fifty years ago and never returned. While Marvey knew that chances of her finding her mother again were slim, she was determined to find some sort of closure in learning what happened to Phihe and figuring out why she never came home.

Vices & Personality flaws

The laws of Logulian culture are so deeply ingrained in who Marvey is as a person that deviating from these unspoken rules is incredibly difficult for her. She cannot -- and will not -- tell a lie, even if it's for a good reason. She will not make promises that she isn't sure she can keep, and will go silent if pressed; after all, what's a broken promise but another lie? That being said, she has no qualms about twisting and abstracting the truth with omission of detail in order to paint the situation in her favor.   In another vein, she is conflict averse to the point of turning to secrecy, rather than face any conflict that may result from her being honest about what she does. During her time with the Seven Wonders, Marvey felt lost, afraid, and alone when it came to regarding the parasitic growths on her skin. She would scour through what resources she had, obsess over Doc's deciphered research notes in hopes of learning anything more about her condition, but refused to open up about...any of this, really, with anyone other than Willow, out of fear of being ostracized by the rest of the party. After time and time again of swallowing her own worries about her own well being as another, more pressing issue came into light, Marvey slowly stopped caring about herself altogether in favor of placing the party on a higher pedestal.   Stubborn, secretive, and dismissive about her own well-being, these are heavy factors that created the rift between Marvey and the Seven Wonders.


Despite what the parasitic fungal growths sprouting from her skin may suggest, Marvey is a very clean individual. As both a mortician and a doctor, she is meticulous about sterilizing her equipment and putting it back after use, and her working space is very neat and tidy. Her own home is a touch more cluttered, with knick knacks and trinkets lining varying surfaces and a small but steadily growing book collection amassing along her shelves, but her fear of infecting anyone else with the Malign Amanita fungi has her obsessing over keeping everything clean.


Social Aptitude

Having grown up in complete isolation from the rest of the world, Marvey knows very little about basic societal conventions and cues. That being said, she makes an effort of being friendly and sweet, more than happy to greet anyone with a big smile and a firm handshake. She makes friends easily, though she struggles with maintaining any sort of meaningful relationships with others.


Despite being fluent in six other languages, Marvey struggles when it comes to speaking in Common. Having only recently gotten a good enough grasp on the languages to hold full conversations, she speaks in a heavy accent and frequently mixes up different words when speaking. Her Common is good enough to get the general point across, but she often uses "mine" as opposed to "my" and mixes up "when," "where," "were," and "was." Singular and plural agreements are often thrown out the window right alongside tense, and she speaks in a more passive voice, as verb conjugation is easier that way.   Most of her notes are written under her native tongue of Draconic, and if given the opportunity to speak it, she will use Draconic over Common in a heartbeat.

Lawful Neutral - Evil
Current Location
The Logul
164 years old
Gender Identity
Dark brown, almost black.
Skin Tone
Known Languages
Draconic, Giant, Elvish, Dwarvish, Plant, Animal, Druidic, and Primordial

Character Portrait image: by Tobi