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Mire Lair

Located in the center of the mire... surrounded by shadows, and the distant cry just out of view. Something is in the water. Something is in the brush. Something is watching you. 

Hazards & Traps

The lab was filled with dangerous inventions.    The first room was rigged to drop those who entered through the floor, unless they were able to properly unlock the door within a time limit. This drop took them down a 70 ft. chute. If the fall did not kill them, a rune circle on the floor would assess and then mark them for collection or disposal. Following this, mechanical arms would seize those inside to carry them either to a storage chamber, or into an incinerator.    Following that, a factory-esque room flickered with a red light. The light would react to those marked with disposal runes, activating two kinds of mechanical arms: butchering and collecting. They intended to kill and dismantle intruders before moving them in pieces for incineration.    Those who were stored were kept in a form of stasis, brought on by a blue gas that filled glass tanks in one room.


From the outside, the lab is not much to look at. It is a low, flat building with a singular door, hiding the larger depths within.    Inside, the lab is largely formed from metal and tile, sterile materials kept pristine. Mechanical arms rest within the walls, a series of tunnels linking the system between rooms. It is guarded by magic that prevents spells of certain schools from passing beyond the lab's perimeter.


According to Umbra...

  Talon Eld'rhistel Gi'ila was assigned to investigate the lab. He chose not to investigate with a partner, and did not send communications as assigned.   Following this event, two more shadar-kai were sent to investigate, accompanied by Valravne guards. Both shadar-kai went missing, the Valravne were assumed to be obliterated.    A final mission was launched to infiltrate the lab, consisting of a much greater force. By then, most of it had been cleared out, seemingly in a hurry. Another location similar to this one had been completely destroyed before the Court could investigate.    They believe the lab to have belonged to a necromancer, and that they were preserving their specimens in this lab. The sweep concluded that the lab's systems were inactive and it had been abandoned by its creator.  
Parent Location

Items Collected

  • An eye encased in crystal (cursed)
  • A book on the nobility of Sacar
  • A book on Isith
  • A book written in a currently-unidentified language
  • A censer containing twisted souls 
  • A sylphstone charm 
  • A spell scroll (teleportation circle)
  • Silver boxes for holding souls 
  • A potion of firebreathing

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