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Mandrake Mire


The Mandrake Mire is a flooded stretch of land, the water murky and abundant with plantlife and algae. Solid land consists of small "islands" that dot the mire, formed from mud and debris that get caught in the roots of the thickly-clustered trees. Near the center of the mire is a clear stretch of water, forming a lake with a stone island in its middle.

Fauna & Flora

The mire is home to a broad range of creatures. Wading birds and insect-eating passerines, large amphibians, and water-dwelling reptiles such as alligators and snakes are commonly sighted.    The trees that cluster the mire are tall ash trees with widespread roots. Moss and peat cluster around the roots.

The Lizardfolk Village

  The mire was formerly a home to a community of lizardfolk. Their homes were constructed of the natural materials, constructed at the base of the trees or up in their branches, connected by ladders and bridges. The village has been completely abandoned, eroded away.    A single corpse was found by the party, with a metal device embedded in its spine that animated the body without the use of necromancy. Before the fall of this community, people had been going missing. The source of this threat came from the lab in the middle of the lake.

Planar Bleed

  Miles past the mire's edge, the atmosphere begins to change. As darkness falls, the life of the swamp is silenced. Where insects and nocturnal creatures previously filled the mire with life in the night, it is abruptly a silent void. A singular creature sounds its call — a distant, grievous sobbing.   Abruptly, there is no distinction between day and night. Any form of sentient life vanishes, except for the wailing of the sorrowsworn that stalk those foolish enough to wander this far


Wetland / Swamp
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