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The Wonders' Estate

Once the home of an unnamed baron, it was abandoned during the blizzard that hit Silene. After the Seven Wonders aided in ending this storm, they were granted ownership of the property by the Lawmaster of Silene.

House Staff

  • Faardib (Fey-ar-deeb). Human, house staff. She/her.
  • Haxiris. Hobgoblin, house staff. She/her.
  • Monet. Monodrone, doorman. It/its.
  • Drevduul (Drev-doo-ul). Hobgoblin, head of staff. They/them. (Speech impediment).
  • Donia Teinithra. Half-elf, animal handler. She/her. (Middle-aged, missing teeth).
  • Ninther Grrrmmballhyst (Grimbalhyst). Green dragonborn, chef. He/him.
  • Odreror. Elf, house staff. He/him. (silver hair, green eyes. Brings his dog to work).
  • Krusk. Orc, stablehand. They/them. Very soft. Sulley's younger sibling (19 years old).
  • One "skilled" hireling (unnamed)
  • Nine "untrained" hirelings (unnamed)

Keep Staff

  • Palamon Pumanath. Triton, guard. He/him. Spacey, mixes up words
  • Sulley. Orc, archer. She/her. "Hot."
  • Satia. Elf, archer. She/her. Sulley has a crush.
  • Other, undefined guards.

Other Residents



  • A small flock of sheep
  • Celebren (Bren), livestock guardian dog
  • Panic, riding horse
  • Apricot, draft horse
  • Decadence, Rift Eating Caterpillar
Alternative Names
The Ninth Wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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