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Storm Horns


Tall and crowded mountains cluster the southwestern border of Isarus. Rivers and plains give way to rolling hills and boulders, and then to first the lowest peaks of the mountains that quickly swell to monolithic proportions. Once, a near-constant storm brewed above these mountains and into the Galewoods below. Since the elemental plane of air was sealed, it now is treated to mundane weather patterns.

Fauna & Flora

Mundane animals include deer, elk, moose, sheep, goats, bears, wolves, wildcats, and various rodents, amphibians, and species of birds. These creatures tend to keep to the more sheltered outskirts of the mountains, growing thinner and thinner as the range progresses towards Eri, above which the rift is torn.   Air elementals tend to make their homes closer to this rift, though are usually content to swirl with the storm rather than engage those living under it. Magical beasts include griffins, owlbears, perytons, worgs, and most dreadfully the grey renders.   Ogres and trolls may form dens within the mountains, but rarely wander close to civilization without being driven viciously back.
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