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FenDawnchild's WorldEmber 2021
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FenDawnchild Progress Report

Denton Shilling

Denton Shilling was considered a prodigy of engineering. He was one of the Kromian engineers involved in the creation of the Warforged.

532 words

The Spinebreaker

In recent years, the Spinebreaker has become a sort of folktale on Cadalyn. It moves from village to village, never targeting more than a person or two before moving on.

365 words


Ley-Lines are the fundament of magic in all of Ebea. There are five Ley-Lines in total.

361 words

The Clans of Dhon Az'dugh

Dhon Az'dugh and the Wastelands are inhabited by three tribes of nomadic Half-Orcs. Each of the tribes is led by a Matriarch, who are equal in power.

671 words

Ley-Line Carts

Bellfort's citizens have a unique way of traversing the city. The engineers of the Second Age invented carts charged with Ley-Line energy that follow tracks set into the ground.

523 words


Bellfort is home to a multitude of species and ethnicities - and might well be one of the most diverse cities in this day and age. There even are a few dozen Warforged who have made Bellfort their home.

2120 words

Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged

The Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged was founded by Denton Shilling as repentance for bringing new sentient creatures into the wars of the Age of Dread. It stands in Bellfort's Garden Glade Districts and is a place where Warforged might find respite.

766 words

The Call of the Void

TW:Suicide; The Call of the Void describes the urge to jump off a high place and hurl oneself into the Abyss.

550 words

Flowers of Death

Since the early 750s, a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, sprinkled with hints of grey, yellow, and purple, has become a symbol of fear for nobles and other people of note alike.

415 words

The Black Rose

As the leader of an all-women's military unit, the Black Rose is always a woman herself. Above all, she must be loyal to the leader of the Grim Legion.

388 words

The Rose Riders

The Rose Riders make up the cavalry of the Grim Legion. They also serve as spymasters, manipulators, and assassins when not needed on the battlefield.

441 words

The Undefeated Unit

Lead by the Aspect of Pride, also known as the White Chrysanthemum, the Undefeated Unit is the Elite Unit of the Legion. Only the most skilled and accomplished of all fighters ever get to join this prestigious Unit.

380 words


Most Goblins live in small tribes, which they consider their family. Those tribes usually stick to themselves for their own safety.

791 words

Burrowing Beetle

The Burrowing Beetle is a big parasitic, carnivorous, and bloodsucking bug originating in the Feywild. It can grow up to 7 cm in length.

802 words

Radowan Thornbrace

A noble Halfling from Bellfort. He is the owner of Radowan's House of Curiosities and holds a seat in Bellfort's Council of Nobles.

917 words

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