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Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged

Purpose / Function

The Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged was founded by Denton Shilling as repentance for bringing new sentient creatures into the wars of the Age of Dread. It stands in Bellfort's Garden Glade Districts and is a place where Warforged might find respite free of charge. The Sanctuary offers them a place to power down - or simply rest - for however long they wish and them helps their with maintenance.   The Sanctuary also works together closely with the Ley-University, trying to find a way to recharge a Warforged's Ley-Line Crystal, which serves as their source of energy, similar to how Humans gain energy from processing food. Recently, Astra Shilling took apart one of the Ley-Line Carts in cooperation with the University. They had hoped that the Crystals, which are spelled to constantly absorb Ley-Line energy from the atmosphere, could serve as a replacement for the Warforged's current Crystals. This, however, severely damaged the Warforged who had agreed to test it, overcharging their body with magical energy.


Immediately upon entry, people find themselves in a small Foyer. Each Warforged currently residing in the Sanctuary has a small inbox in the Foyer, where people may leave letters or presents for a Warforged. It is up to the residents to decide if and when they check their respective inboxes. Beyond the Foyer lies a sizable community room where the residents might socialize with each other or any visitors they may have.   The ground floor holds ten 15 x 25 x 10 feet rooms in case volunteers, family members, or friends of a Warforged need to stay for a night. There also is an office and bedroom on the ground floor for the current head of the Sanctuary. After centuries of Shilling leadership, this office could be considered a small museum of the Shilling family history.   The Sanctuary has enough space to house about 100 Warforged. There are 50 rooms on the second and third floors each. Each room is about the size of the ones on the ground floor. The rooms are equipped with simple furniture, typically including a bed, a small wardrobe, a shelf, a desk, and a chair. However, residents of the Sanctuary are free to decorate their rooms to their liking. The upper two floors are considered private, with no one except the Warforged allowed up there.


There were very few alterations made to the Sanctuary in the last three centuries. Occasionally, maintenance work is carried out to repair wear and tear on the building.   The biggest alternation to the Sanctuary was made in the spring of 549. It entailed the remodeling of the big community room, downsizing it a bit in favor of adding a Foyer. This Foyer is guarded at all times but open to the public.


The Sanctuary is a three stories high building, which was built predominately with red stone bricks. The roughly 70 feet high building has been kept simple and sturdy. A set of tall, heavy oak doors serve as the entry. And although the Sanctuary is one of the few buildings in the Garden Glade District that does not have its own garden, it borders the Flowerbloom Garden park.


The Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged was founded on Sunrose 25, in the year 460, by Denton Shilling. It has since always been in the hand of a Shilling. Nowadays, the Sanctuary is run by Astra Shilling.


Except for the Foyer, the Sanctuary is generally barred for tourists and visitors. The only people allowed inside are Warforged and volunteers. Those volunteers either help keep the Sanctuary in good condition or help the Warforged with the maintenance of their bodies. Family members and close friends are also allowed to visit, as long as the Warforged they want to visit has cleared them to do so with the guards.
Denton Shilling
Founding Date
Sunrose 25, 460
Parent Location
The upkeep of the Sanctuary is paid for by the Shilling family fortune, donations and a small subsidiary from the city.

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