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Radowan's House of Curiosities

Purpose / Function

Radowan's House of Curiosities is a museum displaying all manner of powered-down Ley-Line contraptions, taxidermy, and exotic plants. It is one of the few businesses in Bellfort's Garden Glade District, especially one that caters to people of all social walks of life.


The actual museum is a two-story brick building, each floor being roughly 2,700 square feet big and divided into five rooms per floor. The botanical garden covers a roughly 1-hectare area and is encased in a large, slightly tinted glass dome.


The following creatures are currently trapped in the basement:
  • A toothless mimic
  • A Werewolf
  • A Manticore
  • A Hellhound
  • A Manticore
  • A Chimera

Contents & Furnishings

The main building is sparsely furnished and mostly contains displays for the contraptions and taxidermy. The botanical garden has plenty of benches for visitors to sit down, rest, and admire the various plants. As many of the exhibited plants are dangerous for a multitude of reasons, they are on slightly elevated platforms and secured behind a glass casing.


Many of the displayed Ley-Line contraptions were donated by the Ley-University so they would be easily accessible by the public - and hopefully get some people interested in studying Ley-Lines.   Some of the displayed taxidermies are of uncommon creatures, such as Basilisks or Umber Hulks, which common people would not normally encounter. Collectors might be willing to pay a hefty sum for some of the exhibited creatures.


His House of Curiosities serves as a front for illicit activities. There is a hidden trap-door leading to a basement complex, where all manner of live beasts and creatures are held captive. The basement has been trapped and soundproofed by magic. In the basement, he hosts cage fights between the captured creatures. He also experiments on them, taking them apart and stitching different parts back together. Radowan has successfully created a chimera just a little while ago.


The basement complex has been secured and soundproofed by means mechanical and magical. Additionally, it is guarded at all times by at least one magic-user and two physical fighters - more if there is an event happening. This is both to keep the creatures safe from the attendants of events as well as to keep the attendees safe from the creatures.   There is a secret entrance secured by the Arcane Lock spell at all times. The password changes on a daily basis and only those who have a ticket for one of the matches are told the password an hour in advance.


The House of Curiosities is popular with travelers, and citizens of Bellfort alike. It is especially well-liked by the children due to the low admission fee. Entry for an adult costs 1 silver piece, children - the maximum age for the children's fee depends on the race - have to pay 5 copper pieces. The museum also sells trinkets, mostly replicas of the Ley-Line contraptions and cuts of the non-toxic flowers Radowan grows in his botanical garden.
Founding Date
Newgrowth 11, 712
Parent Location
Characters in Location

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