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Ley-Lines are the fundament of magic in all of Ebea. There are five of them in total. Those attuned to magic can typically tell when they are close to one. Over the years, many cities have been built on top of Ley-Lines, as they can facilitate the casting of magic and speed up the creation of teleportation circles.   Sometimes, weird phenomena occur where two Ley-Lines cross - and in the near vicinity of such crossings. The Raging Abyss, the ocean separating the continents Cadalyn, Kysa, and Edune, is almost perpetually struck by storms, rendering navigational equipment useless.   The crossing of Ley-Lines in Kysa's Wasteland, paired with the rupturing of one of those Ley-Lines, has caused many of the creatures who inhabit this place to mutate.


Sometimes, in the twilight of the setting sun, Ley-Lines become visible in the air. The shimmering bands of varying shades of green, blue, and red hues can be observed most often in late autumn and early spring and can be most easily spotted from high altitudes.   Those with an aptitude for casting spells may be able to see Ley-Lines with some practice and focus. In Ages past, this was sometimes used to distinguish between novices and adepts. Due to the wars ravaging this Plane these last few decades, this has fallen out of practice.


In 444, the Ley-Line running through Kysa and Aeslia got disrupted, creating The Chasm in Kysa, which nearly split the whole continent in half.   This has had some unpredictable side-effects, such as erratic weather, spells not working as intended and people, who are not used to strong exposure from Ley-Lines, getting nosebleeds, headaches, or even hallucinations.

Metaphysical, Arcane

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5 Dec, 2021 10:41

Very nice - I like how the energy of magic and spell casting are part of the world and there's effects to its presence :D   Does Magic cease to function if you would, theoretically, be too far from a LeyLine?

Creator of Araea, Megacorpolis, and many others.
5 Dec, 2021 16:57

Thank you :D   With the way the Ley-Lines are laid out, there is pretty decent coverage overall. I considered doing it that way but considering that I'm running a campaign in this setting for only two players, I'd rather buff them when they are close/on one than debuff them when they're too far away.

11 Jan, 2022 20:56

Ley-Lines are some of the most fun magical ideas, and this article is no different. Seems risky to live along one, though with magic it's probably plenty worth it. Like living in a volcanic region because it's so fertile, but there's the time that the volcano will explode. I found it inspiring and added this article to  

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Kriltch, arcanities not included.
Sage Tris
Tris (necromancertris)
31 Jan, 2022 20:19

I always liked the concept of ley-lines. I wonder, why five? Sorry if this is a really dumb question :D I also really like how you weaved in a little bit of the story and past events into the article - I always struggle with natural law ones, because I don't really know how to make them interesting. This one is short and sweet!

1 Feb, 2022 07:23

Thank you! There is no specific reason why five, I just felt that it gave a good coverage for this plane of existing :)