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Radowan Thornbrace

Lord Radowan Thornbrace (he/him)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Radowan is tall and lanky for a Halfling. Although not particularly strong, he is enduring and dexterous. Due to an recent injury to his left leg, he limps slightly.

Body Features

Due to many years of physical labor, Radowan has calloused hands.

Facial Features

Radowan has a well-kempt goatee, which accentuates what many would call a handsome face. He has laugh lines around his mouth and eyes and well-defined cheekbones.

Apparel & Accessories

He typically wears elegant suits tailored to his body. Each of his suit jackets is embroidered with an owl in mid-flight, which is the Thornbrace family crest.

Specialized Equipment

He carries an oaken walking stick with him at all times to not unnecessarily aggravate his injured leg. The head of the cane looks like an owl, after the family crest.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Radowan Thornbrace is the oldest living child of Calne and Evron Thornbrace. The oldest child of the Thornbrace family, Aryas Thornbrace, died when Radowan was in his early forties. Thus it fell to him to take over his father's seat on the Council of Nobles when his father passed away in 756.


Being born into a noble family, Radowan enjoyed an extensive education from an early age. He was tutored at home until he turned 20. Even though he was the middle child and not expected to one day take over the family's spot on the Council of Nobles, he was educated on political matters.   After he turned 20, his parents insisted he should take a few courses at the Ley University. The following ten years, he took various courses, covering a multitude of topics. He learned Abyssal and took extended history lessons. Most of the courses he took, focused on Ley-Lines or biology, sometimes even both.


Radowan spent much of his formative years helping out at the market. Roughly 50 years ago, in the Spring of 712, he opened up his House of Curiosities, which has only gained popularity over the years, serving as a temporary distraction from the wars and suffering of this time. He has been working on expanding his showcase ever since. Additionally, he took up a seat on the Council of Nobles 20 years ago.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His House of Curiosities serves as a front for illicit activities. There is a hidden trap-door leading to a basement complex, where all manner of live beasts and creatures are held captive. The basement has been trapped and soundproofed by magic.   In the basement, he hosts cage fights between the captured creatures. He also experiments on them, taking them apart and stitching different parts back together. He has successfully created a chimera just a little while ago.

Failures & Embarrassments

It took Radowan a while to get the Chimera under control, suffering an injury to his left leg in this process.

Intellectual Characteristics

Ever since he was a little child, Radowan has been fascinated by biology. He particularly enjoyed dissecting animals and stuffing them. With the opening of Radowan's House of Curiosities, he combined his passion with a way to supplement his income. There, he displays his taxidermy and grows various exotic plants in his botanical garden.   He also experiments with combining different kinds of plants or suffusing them with or exposing them to Ley-Line energy.

Morality & Philosophy

Although he hides it well, Radowan believes that those of noble standing are superior to mere commoners. Born shortly after the Council of Commoners was established, he fails to understand why the Nobles a century past relented some of their power.   He genuinely believes that the commoners should be grateful to the noble families for keeping Bellfort safe since its founding - and for investing their money into the construction of the Ley Universities and other public commodities.

Personality Characteristics


Radowan killed his father, who was one of the nobles in favor of establishing the Council of Commoners. He has slowly been sowing seeds of disruption, trying to get the Council of Nobles to deny the Council of Commoners their power and establish the sole rule of the Council of Nobles again.


Social Aptitude

Radowan is very charismatic and well-liked by the people of Bellfort. He is well-mannered, polite, and treats others - no matter their standing - with respect. He is easy to talk to and does not mind listening to people's problems.


Calsys Thornbrace


Towards Radowan Thornbrace


Radowan Thornbrace


Towards Calsys Thornbrace


Aryas Thornbrace


Towards Radowan Thornbrace


Radowan Thornbrace


Towards Aryas Thornbrace


Wealth & Financial state

Being the oldest child of one of Bellfort's oldest noble families, Radowan comes from money. Although he never had to worry about money, he is very conservative about spending it. He also started helping out at the market at an early age to earn his own money. Due to this, he is seen as an approachable and down-to-earth person by many commoners.
Date of Birth
Blossoming 20, 682
Year of Birth
682 AC 91 Years old
Current Residence
Long, thinning, greying, tied-back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
very pale, freckled
45 lb
Known Languages
Common, Halfling, Abyssal, Sylvan

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