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Ley-Line Crystals


Material Characteristics

On average, Ley-Line Crystals are about the size of an apple. They come in varying shades of red and purple and are slightly transparent. When suffused with ley-line energy, they give off a slight glow in the dark.

Origin & Source

Although the knowledge how of to create and charge these Crystals has been mostly lost, it is known that the Ley-Lines played a crucial part in the process. Due to this, Ley-Line Crystals are very rare and expensive nowadays, even though they are extremely sturdy.

History & Usage


Ley-Line Crystals were first discovered in the Age of Discovery

Everyday use

The most important use the Ley-Line Crystals no doubt was to combat the Ley-Line Frenzy, where children had to wear Ley-Line Crystals enchanted to siphon the Ley-Line energy they drew on.   They were also used to power all sorts of fantastical contraptions. This could be small things, such as street lanterns that turned on and off on their own, depending on the time of day but supposedly they also were used to power carriages and even airships. Magic-users could also use them to facilitate their spellcasting. These Crystals come in multiple purities, the purer the Crystal the higher its capacity to hold power.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Apart from powering mechanical devices, Ley-Line Crystals also serve as the source of power for Warforged.


The Crystals can shatter if too much power is drawn from them at once, resulting in a powerful explosion. This was taken advantage of during warfares, especially in the Age of Dread, causing devastating destruction.
Increasingly Rare
Shades of red and purple
Melting / Freezing Point
Starts melting around 2000 °C
Common State
by FenDawnchild

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Cover image: by Vasyl Duda


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