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Denton Shilling

Denton Shilling (he/him)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Growing up in Krom, just after the end of the Second Age had ended, Denton still got to witness many of the marvelous inventions of that time. As a young child, he liked taking things apart to see how they worked. He was one of the youngest people to ever to become an engineer.   When the threat of the looming wars became more tangible, he used his technological prowess to help the war efforts against the Dark One in any way he could. He banded together with other engineers, eventually creating the Warforged, sentient humanoids forged from metal and wood.   After the war had ended with his home continent destroyed, he spent the remainder of his life in Bellfort. There he taught as a scholar at the university and founded the Shilling Sanctuary for Warforged.


As typical for children in Krom, Denton received a formal education in one of the many public schools, which were free to attend for everyone. He started going to university at the tender age of 14. Much of the knowledge he accumulated was self-taught.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Denton Shilling was considered a prodigy of engineering. He was one of the Kromian engineers involved in the creation of the Warforged. He was a big advocate of granting the same rights other humanoids had and, subsequently, helped advocate for their rights in the peace negotiations in the early 400s. To this day, many Warforged hold the Shillings in high regard.

Failures & Embarrassments

Denton often lamented the fact that he mostly grew up during war times. While he recognized the importance of the devices constructed by him, he regrets not being able to use his knowledge for helping others and bringing joy, instead having to use it for death and destruction.   Although he is loath to admit it, he sought a way to create soldiers without feelings, so no more sentient creatures would have to suffer the pains of this war. Instead, he and his fellow engineers ended up creating a whole new sentient species.

Personality Characteristics


Denton was fascinated by the marvels of the Second Age. Becoming an engineer, and later a scholar, was his way of trying to preserve those technological marvels for future generations. When time permitted, he tinkered on small contraptions, hoping to share his joy for such machinery with other people.


Family Ties

Denton had a wife, with whom he had three children. Their youngest child died in the wars of the Third Age. The Shilling bloodline still exists to this day.
Chaotic Good
Current Status
Date of Birth
Sunrose 13, 384
Date of Death
Redfall 23, 469
384 AC 469 AC 85 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old age
Place of Death
Long, black, braided
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
You will never have a scientific breakthrough if you are unwilling to fail a million times in the process.
Known Languages
Common, Giant, Primordial

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