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The Great Library

Another Day in the Timeless Void

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"Ah, you are awake! Wonderful. Took you some time. I was almost worried that you had...expired. The Void is a dangerous place for beings like you. Luckily I was the one to find you."   "Who I am? Well, simply the guardian of this place. The wonderful halls of The Great Library are my realm. What? You have never heard of it?! Truly a shame. For this fulcrum of worlds to be unknown...Then again, it is not your fault. Knowledge is not universal, after all. Would be quite boring if it were. To learn, to gather knowledge and to complete the picture of existence...Ah what greater pleasure can there be?"   "It is the reason why I made this place. This Great Library that contains worlds and dimensions and realms beyond number. Whatever you may seek, be it nations or creatures, cultures or food, faiths and gods and demons...I have them all."   "Just like I have you."   "Poor fool. You must have slipped through a crack within the dimensional hall. Something I will have to look after. Can't prevent them, but I can prevent more of my exhibits from escaping."   "Going by that look of yours, you have not quite realized the true severity of your situation. Perhaps I should show you that home of yours. Show you the display I put it in after I ripped it wholesale from its place within the cosmic ballet. Show you its people and history, culture and creatures, all eternally caught within my hallow halls."   "For I am the Archivar...And your world is MINE..."