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The Undefeated Unit

How can you call it arrogance when we really are better than everybody else?
— Pride


Lead by the Aspect of Pride, also known as the White Chrysanthemum, the Undefeated Unit is the Elite Unit of the Legion. Pride is aided by 4 Lieutenants, which, due to their particular talents, have earned the nicknames 'Death', 'War', 'Pestilence', and 'Famine'. Each of the Lieutenants has two subordinates, bringing the Unit to a total of 13 members.   They typically keep to themselves, thinking themselves superior to the members of the other units - and rightfully so. Only the most skilled and accomplished of all fighters ever get to join this prestigious Unit. They usually are entrusted with missions of utmost importance to their leader's cause. Not a single battle has been lost by this elite host. Few have fought a member of this Unit and lived to tell the tale.   However, they occasionally coordinate with the Rose Riders on particularly important missions.


The White Chrysanthemum is not only the leader's title but also the symbol of the Unit. This hardy flower has been planted at gravesides since time immemorial. Thus, it is strongly associated with death by many. And what better symbol is there for those that bring death wherever they go.   The Undefeated Unit, which always has 13 members, is also the reason why the number 13 is regarded as a bad omen in Ebea.


As with the Rose Riders, most members of the Undefeated Unit have been part of it since its founding. There have been a handful of challenges made against a member of the Unit, but only one of them was successful. In The Age of Dread, the Lieutenants now known as 'War' defeated a member of the Unit, taking their place instead.
Founding Date
Veiltear 134
Military, Army Battalion
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization
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