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Basic Information


Goblins have long, pointed ears. Their teeth are sharper than human's, as are their more claw-like nails. In other aspects their anatomy is comparable to a Human's.

Biological Traits

Goblins are considered Humanoid.

Growth Rate & Stages

A Goblin reaches adulthood at around 8 years.

Ecology and Habitats

Goblins prefer more moderate climates as those provide them with the amplest hunting opportunities. They seek forested areas for the same reason. Additionally, this makes it easier to avoid other Humanoids who might wish to inflict harm upon them.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Similiar to many other humanoid species, Goblins are omnivores. However, they typically have a meat-heavy diet, as few Goblins know how to grow plants. They mostly rely on the game they can hunt down or trap and whatever fruits and nuts they can forage. Goblins living close to settlements of the tall folks sometimes also plunder the settlement's food stores if they can.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Most Goblins live in small tribes, which they consider their family. Those tribes usually stick to themselves for their safety. Tasks are distributed amongst the members and everyone is expected to pull their weight.  


The strongest and fiercest Goblins in a tribe serve as Hunters. They provide the main source of nourishment and serve as guards and protectors at the same time.


Gatherers support the Hunters in feeding the tribe, foraging for fruits and nuts. Sometimes they also check the traps set by the hunters or do small-scale farming if they know how to. Most Goblins of a tribe are Gatherers - and even those who are not can pitch in if need be.


Crafters can do a bit of everything. They cook the food for the tribe, mend clothes, tend to injuries, and help the Hunters with the upkeep of their weapons and traps. Although usually the weakest members of the tribe, they are still valued for their skills and contributions to the survival of the tribe. But it was not always like this. In days past, the weakest of Goblins were picked on and bullied by the rest of the tribe. To ensure their survival, especially with the wars and rising dead in the last few years, Goblins had no choice but to change their ways.


Booyahg is the Goblin word for magic. It also refers to Goblins with the ability to use magic, which are few and far in between. Goblins are not typically welcome in the cities of the bigger folks and thus have litttle oppurtunity to learn about magic, even if they have the innate capability to use magic. Those who do usually either come from a bllodline of magic user or found an magical item they figured out how to use. A small handful of Goblins learn to master the magic on their own, often resulting in the use wild magic, which comes with unintended side-effects. Whether or not a Booyahg is accepted by or exiled from their tribe, heavily depends on that clan's location and their experience with magic so far.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Spending a lot of time outside and in dark or dimly lit areas, Goblins have become adapt at navigating in the dark.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The native language of Goblins is called Goblin. Additionally, most Goblins speak Common at least to a certain degree.

Common Dress Code

Hunters and Gatherers typically wear leather-enforced tunics and loincloths, as wells as leather wrappings around their forearms and shins for protection. Gatherers mostly wear simple loincloths or tunics fashioned from simple fabrics. It is unusual for Goblins to wear any manner of footwear.

Common Customs, Traditions and Rituals

Goblins like to gather trinkets and shiny objects, and sometimes they even trade those objects with each other. If someone is gifted such a trinket by a Goblin, it is a token of friendship. One would do good to graciously accept this gift, even if it may seem a bit weird at that moment. After all, most Goblins do not give away their treasured possessions lightly.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Goblins do not have a good reputation with many of the other races, because they allied themselves with the Dark One in the past. In fact, some Goblin tribes still worship the Dark One as a Deity of sorts, hoping they will empower Goblinkind. Others take advantage of the nimbleness and stamina many Goblins portray and use them as slaves. After all, who cares what happens to a creature whose people have a history of alligning themselves with an evil entity trying to destroy the very plane they walk on?
60 years
Average Height
Small Size
3'0" - 4'0"
Average Weight
40 - 80 pound
Average Physique
Although not particularly strong, many Goblins are very nimble and enduring, making for excelent hunters and gatherers.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Leathery, hide-like skin

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