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The Rose Riders

Men are drawn to my beautiful Roselings like moths to the flame, not noticing their deadly thorns until it is too late.
— Lust


Led by the Aspect of Lust, also known as the Black Rose, this all-women Unit of riders is beauty and grace incarnate. The Black Rose is assisted by four Lieutenants, each serving as the Rose's point of contact for the Riders' four major tasks.  


The Rose Riders make up the cavalry of the Grim Legion. The Lieutenant helps the Black Rose organize the troops on the battlefield. She also ensures that horses and riders are always in peak physical condition, with access to quality stables and fodder.  

Spymasters, Manipulators, and Assassins:

The Rose Riders also serve as spymasters, manipulators, and assassins when not needed on the battlefield. They will use any means necessary to fulfill their orders. They have seduced many a man - and woman - to gather information or get close to a target.   Each of the three Lieutenants helps coordinate the forces and serves as a mediator, relaying orders to the troops and filtering and passing on important information to the Black Rose. On occasion, they also coordinate with the Undefeated Unit on particularly important missions.


The Riders use any means necessary to fulfill their orders. Many of them carry that attitude over to their life in general. They are aware of their almost ethereal beauty and are not beyond using that to their advantage.   The Black Rose serves as the leader of Riders, but it also is their symbol, showing that the beautiful and graceful are not without their thorns - so to speak.


All roughly 800 members of the Rose Riders are hauntingly beautiful and striking Fey women, most of which have been part of this military unit since its founding in the Age of Chaos. Over the years, few have joined the ranks of the Riders. Overall, they suffered some losses throughout the years, originally being around 1000 strong.
Founding Date
Brightstar 138
Military, Army Battalion
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Parent Organization
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Character flag image: Black Rose by FenDawnchild (Created with Canvas)


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