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Indigo Ash Caps

Written by UmbralGoat

All it takes is one night's rest near one of those Purple Poppers to turn your little nap eternal.
— Popular warning

  Found exclusively in the northern forests of Ignisora, the Indigo Ash Cap is one of the most aggressive fungi in the region, and they are very dangerous to wander past.

These rather large shrooms particularly enjoy the shade of dense canopies and thrive in the warm months of Varas. Their defining features are their vibrant purple gills and the scaly patches of indigo on their otherwise dull gray caps. The spots are slightly luminescent and shimmer in the dark.


Spores settle rather easily and begin their growth within the hour. In less than a day, their bulbous caps begin to expand and overnight, the large fungus has matured. Their size makes them very easy to spot If they are not provoked, they will remain in place for months, and can potentially grow larger.


The Ash Caps' means of spreading their spores makes them a note-worthy fungus for travelers to avoid when wandering the forests. When any wildlife, or unfortunate hiker, wanders near an Ash Cap, if they get near enough, they trigger the mushrooms nasty defences.

The large, round cap of the fungus bursts open with startling force, emitting a dense cloud of grayness, full of toxic spores. The cloud allegedly resembles a large cloud of ash, and it takes only a few breaths for wildlife to die from it. If the mushroom is successful, its descendants have a readied supply of nutrients to grow from.

The Ash Caps' toxicity is only of serious concern if one is not immediately able to access fresh air and it is mostly advised that if one provokes an Ash Cap, they must calm their breathing to minimize inhalation as much as possible until they escape its reach.


If ya rip off the cap, you can play the most dangerous frisbee game of your life!
— Unknown
Indigo Ash Caps are extremely risky to get close to, but they can safely be harvested. If one manages to sever the caps, they only burst with aggressive contact, so they can mostly remain inert. This makes them very effective- though not ideal- for self-defence against wildlife by throwing the caps. Even if they do not make their target, the loud pop of the cap may scare off smaller creatures.

One can also directly plant their spores near a campsite as a means of protection, and their quick growth cycle makes them especially useful as a last resort.
Also Known As...
Purple Poppers
Dominant Location
Northern Kovura
9 - 10 months
Average Height
22 cm
Average Cap Diameter
41 cm

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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Dec 21, 2021 15:06

The most dangerous frisbee game of your life? Now that is certainly one hell of a mental image

Dec 22, 2021 13:32 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

I like the different uses people have thought for those mushrooms, rather than just be frightened by them :D I don't think I'd want to risk it myself though :p And I love that "the most dangerous frisbee game of your life!" XD