"Ey Boss, I finished cleanin' those vents. Now I'm headin' off ta lunch. The moppin' better be done when I get back."   "Please ma'am, you're my superior. Stop calling me 'Boss'."   "Nah."
— A brief exchange between Skitters and a coworker.
    Small and spunky, Skitters is a hard worker who loves her job. She is one of the many friendly Kobolds who live in Omari. Her first and only job is the role of janitor on the fancy airship, the Flying Palace. She started as an underling, but quickly rose in rank to lead janitor where she continues working in present day.    

Physical Appearance

  Skitters is 3 feet tall with an average build. Her scales are dark red and there are almost always a couple patches of dirt on them. Two short, brown, nubby horns sit atop her head. She has big pointy ears that move in reflection of her emotions. Her eyes are oval with amber irises.   Sharp white teeth line her rectangular snout. The upper left incisor is missing; it was knocked out after she tripped over something a coworker left on the floor. Her tail has a small kink towards its end from an old injury.   Skitters doesn't wear a lot of clothing. She typically has work goggles around her neck and a utility belt around her waist. An old cape with patches is worn when not actively working.    


  Hard working and stubborn, Skitters ensures her work is done thoroughly and with pride. She takes safety very seriously and will not tolerate violations or careless coworkers. Despite being fine with putting in long hours, she also knows when to take breaks and time for herself.    


  • Ensuring safe environments for everyone.
  • Exploring hidden areas.
  • Calling all coworkers "Boss".
  • Eating snails.
  • Dislikes

  • Careless people
  • Coworkers who don't do their jobs properly.
  • People who litter.
  • Coffee
    Just 'cause we Kobolds live under tha ground doesn't mean we're a bunch a slobs.
    — Skitters

    Early Life

      Skitters was born to an extensive Kobold clan who live within a network of abandoned train tunnels. She grew up with many siblings and cousins. They enjoyed exploring the tunnels and old train cars for fun. Her favorite hobby was searching for trinkets left behind by patrons on the past.   One of her main chores was to assist with keeping their dens clean. Skitters loved turning them into games. She'd race with her siblings to see who could clean the fastest while still doing an efficient job. They would bet their trinkets for these competitions.
    Trans Female
    She / Her
    Janitor on the Flying Palace

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