Flying Palace

This was probably the swankiest establishment I've visited to date. I saved up all year to try out their food, but it seems like most patrons are snobby rich folk.
— Snippet of Essie Prixo's food blog.
    Flying above the islands is a large airship that glistens in the sunlight. It acts as a popular vacation attraction among affluent people. Most seek it out for the high quality restaurant housed within.    

Physical Description

  The Flying Palace is constructed from sturdy, yet lightweight metals in varying shades of gold and white. People often look twice when it flies by, thinking they've spotted a literal mansion soaring through the skies. It is rectangular and consists of five levels including the deck.   A series of silver propellers line the back of the ship. There are three massive sails. The two on either end are both white with golden ropes and accents. The sail in the middle is gray with a stylized sun depicted across most of its surface.   All wooden parts of the ship like the deck, masts, stairs, and doors are crafted from maple wood. Each room door has its number displayed in silver pieces nailed to the top portion. The whole ship is illuminated by floating orbs that look like mini suns. They hover in place and never move.    




This is the most spacious area of the ship. Patrons and staff alike gather here for anything from getting fresh air to socializing in between activities. The main command / navigation center is located in the middle of the deck. There is plenty of outdoor seating and even a heated pool.    

Second Level:

Patron rooms and several storage closets are on this floor. Most suites have two large beds; there are a handful of single bed options available. Each room has a private bathroom, dresser, desk, closet, mini fridge, and a flat screen television.

First Level:

All of the activity rooms are located here. Towards the front is the kitchen and dining hall. There is even a bar and dance floor. The middle rooms provide space for games, events, and other lounge activities. At the rear of the ship are the larger captain and staff quarters.    

Third Level:

This section of the ship is reserved for its various machinery and maintenance needs. Patrons are not allowed on this level. There is always at least one mechanic stationed here to keep the ship running smoothly.

Fourth Level:

This floor is deep and used for storage purposes. Larger equipment, extra supplies, and non perishable foods are stored here. Patrons are also not allowed in this section. There is usually at least two staff members stationed here, but there have been periods where it was unsupervised.    
Despite the simple shape, navigating the ship was still fairly daunting due to its sheer size. I managed to keep track of my room okay, but I did accidentally enter private event areas on more than one occasion. Oh! Last night I could of sworn I heard weird noises through the vents in my room. I wonder what that was about?

Other Features

  All outer surfaces of the Flying Palace are coated in weather and magic resistant polish to slow down material degradation. Located within the main command booth is a console that staff can activate to initialize a protective barrier when needed. The deck of the ship has retractable floors on either side. They can be extended whenever the ship needs extra space for events.   Each guest room is temperature controlled. There is a panel near the door that allows patrons to adjusted it to their preferences. The rooms also have two portal windows with button activated controls to open and close the blinds.    

Fine Dining

  The Flying Palace houses the largest airborne restaurant in all of Omari. It is open to guests from 8 AM to 10 PM. Drinks at the bar are available until midnight. There is an extensive menu (to be linked later) with items that cycle out through the year. Staff do their best to cater to most dietary needs.  


Amazing food! The seating was comfortable and the staff were all wonderful. Wait times weren't too long either.
The experience was near perfect. The waiter was half distracted and almost spilled our plates. Otherwise, the food was great.
Eh, this place seems a bit too hyped. With the price of the tickets you'd think the food would be a bit cheaper.
The price is so worth it. There were so many amazing options to order and I ended every day in a near food coma. I can't wait to visit again.

Somewhere, hidden deep in the reviews, is a comment the company can't seem to delete.

  The Worst Night Ever
I wanted to like this ship and its restaurant, I really did. The first couple nights of my trip were fine. I was having a great time and thought about booking a vacation for next year. Hoooo boy, was I fucking wrong on that one.     On the third night, I went to the dining hall for dinner as always. I should of listened to the weird feeling in my gut and skipped the meal that day to gorge on snacks in my room instead. The waiter escorted me to my favorite table and my evening started off with a thud as my chair decided to break after taking a seat.     Thankfully I wasn't maimed, just left with a sore rear for a few days. If only that were it. With a roll of the eyes, my waiter got me a new chair and left me to ponder the menu. I ordered some wine to start the night with to ease the tension now building within me. After some thought I decided to try a new fish dish that was added since the previous night.     I should have left when I noticed the longer than usual wait. There weren't even that many guests in the hall at that time. Either way, I was too hungry and grumpy to abandon the meal. The fish looked fine when it was brought to the table, but when I started eating, it tasted a bit weird. I shrugged it off on the account it was a new type of fish to me. That was a mistake.     I skipped desert and paid for the meal. As I left the restaurant, a group of people rushed in to speak with someone or another. Looking back, I bet that was related.     Paying them no mind, I returned to my room earlier than normal. My gut started to turn and I grew sweaty. I didn't have the patience or resolve to go yell at the staff about food poisoning. The toilet was my friend for the next night and entire afternoon.     I spent the last full day in my room until I could depart. These bastards wouldn't refund my money. All I got was a gift basket and a coupon for 10% my next meal with them. I WON'T be coming back. Ever. There are cheaper vacation spots out there that won't rip you off or try to kill you. I never did learn what happened either.
Large airship
Year Built
Built By
Sunny Sails Construction
Ticket Price
100GP / Day
500GP Week Package


  • Captain: Larynda Aleviir the half elf.
  • Co-Captain: Cailean Dunaid the air genasi.
  • Head Mechanic: Tatiana Swiftforge the human.
  • Head Janitor: Skitters the kobold.
  • Main Chef: Tasty the tiefling.
  • Sous Chef: Valbin Wildfingers the halfling.
  • Plot Hooks
      The captain was murdered in the middle of the night and the ship will remain in place until the culprit is apprehended.   The party overhears whispers or discovers a message about plans to poison the ship's latest feast.

    Cover image: by Krzysiek


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    A pleasant place to visit from time to time! :D   The opening quote prepared me for more descriptions of the exquisite food, so concerning that I am left hungry. However, the detailed description of the Flying Palace sets up an excellent base for imagination and possible story in that location.   Do you plan to add food reviews for that place as well?

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