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The Clans of Dhon Az'dugh


Dhon Az'dugh and the Wastelands are inhabited by three tribes of nomadic Half-Orcs. Each of the tribes is led by a Matriarch, who are equal in power. Although professions are not limited to a single Clan, most Clans have developed an area of expertise over the years. In practice, this means that every Clan has hunters, gatherers, and crafters but with a different distribution.  

The Quickfoot Clan:

The Quickfoot Clan, led by Nith Quickfoot, focuses on the gathering of natural resources. This includes seaweed, which is used to filter the rainwater, as well as various building materials. They tend to keep moving along the shoreline, fishing and collecting driftwood from the ships that have sunken while traversing the Raging Abyss. On particularly fruitful days, they might even find crates from sunken merchant ships. Those containing fabrics are particularly coveted.  

The Hammerfall Clan:

The Hammerfall Clan, led by Inabe Hammerfall, has the highest percentage of crafters of all the Clans. Blacksmiths, tailors, leatherworkers, and masons, but also many cooks call this Clan their family. The Hammerfall Clan also has the highest rate of people who have given up the nomadic lifestyle and permanently settled in Dhon Az'dugh.  

The Crimsonspear Clan:

The Crimsonspear Clan, led by Sutha Crimsonspear, provides much of the food for Dhon Az'dhug. They also serve as guards, taking care of threaths both internal and external. In the city, they act as guards. In the Wastland they get rid of creatures threatening the piece of all the Clans. In the rare cases travelers come to the Wasteland, the Crimsonspears serve as their guards, keeping an eye on them at the same time.  

Addendum: Outclans

Outclans are highly respected Half-Orcs, who are not part of any of the clans but welcome in all of them regardless. The most prominent example of this are the Diviners, Half-Orcs who have learned to read the remaining Ley-Line energy to predict the otherwise unpredictable weather in the Wasteland.


The Half-Orcs of Dhon Az'dugh regard their Clan as family. For this reason, they do not have individual last names but rather adopt the name of their Clan as their last name. It is very rare for a Half-Orc to switch to another Clan, although they are free to choose their Clan.


Even before the rupture of the Ley-Line running through Kysa, there were Half-Orcs who lived a nomadic life in that part of the continent. The day before the sundering, three Half-Orc women had a premonition, urging them to move west. Failing to convince the Clan-leaders of the time of the danger, they challenged them for Clan leadership - and won.   They mobilized the Clans and westward they marched with what little they could carry. All the way through the night they marched. But as with every society, there were sick and elderly who could not keep up. The three new Clan leaders, Nith Quickfoot, Inabe Hammerfall, and Sutha Crimsonspear stayed with them, urging the others to move on without them - and not to stop until they could not move anymore.   When the time finally came and the Ley-Line ruptured, they were still too close to the center of the resulting explosion. Nith, Inabe, and Sutha used what little magic they had to shield their charges, completely forgoing their own safety. As a result, they were hit by large amounts of Ley-Line energy, inflicting great damage upon them. It is said that while they lay dying, they were visited by Renir themself. The deity, impressed by their selflessness, blessed the three with magical powers and longevity so that they may continue leading their people with wisdom, strength, and compassion. The three of them rule over the Clans to this day.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Nomadic tribe
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