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For a long time, the world of Hesli has been prospering in relative peace. Its four major powers have set aside the majority of their differences and manage to coexist alongside another. In some places, people of all shapes and sizes live together as one.   Each nation has problems of their own, but nothing out of the ordinary. Small groups of adventurers can obtain a reputation, good or bad, when they venture through and help out the people. One's reputation can help them in achieving their goals more easily, or work against them.   However, it seems like grander problems are arising at the horizon. Unexplained phenomena are happening in the Astronican Mountains, suggestion old magic is going its course. A set of prying, watchful eyes can be felt in the back of the head. The heat of battle is waiting.

Dive Into A World of Hollow Peace

There is much to explore in the world of Hesli! Feel free to set out on your own and go from article to article to your hearts content.
If you're new here, may I suggest checking out these articles to get you started?

World Primer

Not sure where to start reading at all, or would you like to get to know the setting a bit better first? Read through the World Primer to get a feel for the adventures that await you in this world!  
Generic article | Jun 22, 2023

Reputation System

As adventurers wander through the world, they gain a reputation with different organisations, people, clans, nations, and more. They can use it to persuade someone to make a change, or to prepare for something in their favour. Of course, parties with a less than favourable reputation will have more trouble influencing the people. Adventurers get their reputation by the quests they do, and their attitude towards the people, to name two examples.   Curious to learn more? Read the article below for a detailed explanation!  
Reputation System
Generic article | May 31, 2024

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Current Focus in Worldbuilding

This worldbuilding project is still relatively young, with just over two years of development put into it. Since it's also very a much a hobby project, I don't always have time and energy to put into it. Eventually, I hope to play one or more campaigns in this world with my friends, but for that I need a solid foundation in this world. I may pants a lot, but my brain loves to have at least a minimum of prepared work before my players ruin everything (as they should).   At the moment, I'm primarily working on the region Eshil. If you look at the article, you'll see there's much to fill in and a whole lot more that's outside of that overview article. To give myself some semblance of an organised checklist, I've created the Development Hub. You'll find every article that I want to finish, for now.   Aside from continuously expanding the world, I want to do something about the organisation of this place. So, if you see articles switching around, don't be alarmed.   If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on the World Anvil Discord. Enjoy!   ~ ShadowPhoenix
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