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Flowers of Death


'I heard there was a commotion in the noble's District last night.'
'Don't you know? The oldest of house Durlill was murdered last night. My sister-in-law works for them. She said they found another one of those weird bouquets.'
'Another noble killed? Better them than us, I say, better them than us.'
— A villager to another
  Since the early 750s, a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, sprinkled with hints of grey, yellow, and purple, has become a symbol of fear for nobles and other people of note alike. Assassinations started happening all over the plane, the only thing connecting them was the flower bouquet.


Stories of this are mostly known in Ebea's bigger cities where nobles live.

Variations & Mutation

Another death, another bouquet left behind. Or maybe it is another bouquet, another death. Much like the chicken and the egg, some people are saying that the bouquet is the murderer's calling card, left behind after the fact. Others say it is a warning sign, a hint of a murder yet to come, ensuring the victim spends its last few hours in terror.

Cultural Reception

I wouldn't want to get on the bad side of whoever is responsible for those murders... This choice of flowers seems highly personal - full of hate and spite.
— A botanist
  The bouquet of Chrysanthemum is adorned with Tansy, Lobelia, and Bird's-Foot Trefoil. Those who are well versed in plants and their uses will recognize that this is a most unusual assembly for a bouquet.   The hardy Chrysanthemum was often planted at graves and is thus associated with death. Nowadays, it has become the symbol of the Undefeated Unit. It is unclear whether the Chrysanthemum was chosen for its association with death or if it is meant as a calling card of the Undefeated Unit.   The yellow, puffball-looking Tansy is an invasive plant that can easily survive multiple years. The purple petals of the Lobelia plant contain a potent toxin, just a few grams of which is enough to kill an adult. The Bird's-Foot Trefoil is another invasive plant with yellow petals, which can cause headaches, confusion, and a general feeling of weakness if digested in notable amounts.
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14 Dec, 2021 01:51

It's unnerving that these killers would treat the dead as a close relative putting flowers on their grave.

Kriltch, arcanities not included.