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W.E. Prepping Time 2023

New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered. - Turaga Vakama

Ignite The Fire

  It looks like the biggest event of the year is here again, as World Ember has come at last, with everyone itching to plan what to write for the year's final months. It has been an interesting year. If anyone has been keeping up with the news, I have been working on my other worlds as of late to expand my writing, leaving my first world, the Sagas, on the bench for the whole year, and I believe I’ve done well so far. So now it’s time to plan what to do next for good old WorldEmber.  

Homework Uno

Don’t take gravity too lightly, or it’ll catch up with you - Merlin
  While I have not been writing as much as I used to, it does not mean I do not have the gears grinding in my head on what I have been working on for what I have been thinking for my worlds as of late, so I am going to show you what I have in store for next month. So, first of all, I will be working on Tales of Radiance by finally creating the ruling states of the continent of Embera, the Radiarchys. I will create five articles revolving around them, their leaders, and anything else. So, I will be working on their current situations and the political ties that they have with one another. It will be a long haul, but I know I will be able to reach it, and I may add some story elements to it as well. If I get that far, this will be the main task involved with WorldEmber for the first week.  
  Out of the Inferno  

Homework Dos

Do or do not there is no try - Master Yoda
  Now for the plans involved with the mini meta surrounding these worlds and the plans that go into them for this coming December.  


  Since I am going into two different worlds this December, I will switch between them as the competition continues. I have Tales of Radiance set up on what to do, but the Chronicles, not so much; I’ll figure it out when I get there.  


  The main goal is to flush out the world and its people more, as I have yet to do that fully. I still need to write down the basics to properly get all the pieces set and ensure that they all fit in the right place.  


  While both worlds may be vastly different, they share themes of light vs darkness, journeys to save the world, philosophy, and personal quests their characters must overcome; the similarities end there. Tales of Radiance often goes further into psychological ideas, overcoming one's dark nature and ideas mixing faith and Humanology. The Chronicles is a hybrid of sci-fi and fantasy based around politics, conflict, and a cycle of struggle for all as the world attempts to restore the peace it once had.  


  Much of the Tales of Radiance pays homage to series such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Fire Emblem, and various other fantasies of extraordinary worlds and characters to create a world of beauty and terror from the dangers it holds. The Chronicles is inspired by Star Wars, Star Gate, Lord of the Rings, sci-fi, mythology, and many more to create a world riffled with political intrigue and conflict with similarities to our world.  


  I have yet to make any categories for my world, but I plan on doing it sooner or later to ensure that it is neatly organized for people to read.  

Homework Tres

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  I have been told to walk in my reader's shoes to better understand my worlds and what they see; I prefer actual thoughts to shoes since they would smell bad and give me feedback. But here is what I found out anyway; for the intros of both, I find them pretty solid for the most part as they add interest to the world. But each one has its faults, with both mainly being some of my least populated worlds, so there are a few people. But here is the gist: one is too bland to look at, and the other lacks immersion. Let's start with Tales of Radiance; being one of my newer worlds, I have a lot to deal with in getting people to look at it, so I made a new logo and added a few more things to it, such as a map and timelines. But what I need for it now is to add a new background to set the scene for the world and what it represents with a touch of more content. As for the Chronicles, I will need to add more information on the board, such as maps and a more intertwined connection to the world with articles and a better index. Of course, I will need to add more to both meta to officially keep the main idea in full view to allow them to process the information properly. I am oblivious to anything beyond that and need to have it said to my face if anything is to be done. I am not telepathic, even though it would be bad since hearing voices all day long will drive me insane.  

Homework Cuatro

First of all, I would like to make one thing clear: I never explain anything - Mary Poppins
by Midjourney
Now, I suppose you all want to know what I have planned for the rest of the month. Well, I can tell you that It will be just fixing up old articles for much of the time to keep my writing skills at top-notch to ensure that they can write while setting fire to the keyboard. All the while being able to keep myself focused and lay the plans for the articles I will be writing and have already planned out for. If I have the time, I might as well tighten up some space and maybe add some flashing lights to make people notice it more. As for the thought of joining one of those chapters everyone is going on about, I will decline for now, as previous attempts have failed to achieve a seat in their circles. I was always a lone wolf; I can howl at the moon to prove it to you. That will be all for now as I plan on getting things done for the rest of the month, and I will ensure that people will notice what is about to transpire this Worldember as things are about to become a blazing inferno in here until next time. I will most likely not think of eating or drinking either as I shall once more glimpse into eternity as I continue to write like there is no tomorrow and most likely fall into an enlightened state of peace once I am done.  

Out of the Inferno

  Man, I have to tell you this W.E. was one hell of a ride this year. Despite not reaching my original goal, I feel satisfied with what I came up with this month. Sure, I was busy this month, but I think I managed to do fine, all things considered. The main goal was to get the work for my worlds out into the community anyway, so one out of two is still considered a win to me. I got a lot done and have big plans for this year, too. A lot has happened to look back on this year: I made a new world, won my first-ever reward, and celebrated my fifth anniversary on World Anvil. I find this one of the best years here so far, and I only hope to make it much larger this coming year. I need to learn to handle the heat and mold the flame better this time. But the way people have seen my writing so far, I say that it looks pretty bright, to say the least.   But for now, I am just looking back at the five years and what I have gone through since I have been here. I have to say it has been something extraordinary, being able to walk backward with your eyes closed extraordinary. I am telling you, never in my life did I expect my work to reach this point or even earn as much recognition; it is one of the few things in my life that I have been able to hold up with pride as if I took the world wrestling champion belt after beating John Cena and the Rock as the same time, it just makes me warm inside. But let's not drag this on for too long before I make everyone fall asleep and accidentally drool over your fine keyboards, shall we? What I want to say is thank you for everything. Thank you for reading all those first crummy articles, the stiff dialogue, the lack of imagery, the slow improvement, and the long periods of silence you all went through just to read a little article in a sea of so many others. Without your support, comments, and involvement, I would not be where I am right now, so I hope that you can find the success that I have found and ensure that this becomes your year to make a name for everyone to recognize and look on in wonder and constantly be nage because your somewhat famous, okay that may a too far of a stretch. A toast to the wonder people at World Anvil: may you find the path you seek and the goal you will achieve at the end with the twists and turns in between.


I have plans for these two to finally put them on the map and make them as successful as the Sagas.
Tales of Radiance
The Chronicles

W.E Articles

Radiarchy of Ondelenia
Organization | Dec 9, 2023

One of the five Radiarchies of Embera, Ondelenia has always been a land built by their devotion to the light and seeking to vanquish all things dark to build a better world.

Radiarchy of Renden
Organization | Dec 12, 2023

One of the five Radiarchies of Embera, Renden seeks to find a different path in the world to ensure that the mistakes of the past never repeat themselves and a world of prosperity.

Radiarchy of Kor
Organization | Dec 30, 2023

One of the five Radiarchies, Kor is a land of cold and hardship, yet its people never forget their bonds of fellowship and family so all can find a place they can call home.

Radiarchy of Senju
Organization | Dec 21, 2023

One of the five Radiarchies, Senju has sought to breakaway from the twisted darkness within all things so that may final free the world and ascended into a new age of prosperity.

Species | Dec 25, 2023

A race that is made up of different animal species that live amongst the wilds and settlements being sworn protectors of nature from all that seek to destroy and taint it.

Radiarch Amerisia Nuvera
Character | Dec 27, 2023

As Radiarch of Ondelenia, Amerisia seeks to create a world where may prosper through faith and compassion throughout her long life and continues to do so even when things seem at their darkest.

Dawn Sparked
Condition | Dec 29, 2023

Those that are born with the spark of the first dawn that able to cotrol and manipulate radiance and light around them to fight back the dark forces of the world.

Profession | Dec 29, 2023

Warriors that have chosen to fight for profit and fame for anyone that is willing to pay for their services.

Circles of Crafting
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Dec 30, 2023

Amongst the many powers the exist in the world, the crafts exist for those that seek to do good and bad for those chosen to use them.

Mimsi and the Fallen Star
Myth | Dec 30, 2023

A touching tale of a young girl seeking to have her wish granted upon a fallen star, have a touching journey along the way.

Craft Weaver
Character | Dec 30, 2023

A being of a unknown nature that is know for the creation of the Craft Circles and often takes no sides of the cosmic powers yet interferes with both either way.

Hymn of the Spark
Generic article | Dec 30, 2023

A sacred hymn to the Eternal so all may known even why their is only darkness there shall always be a light that will guide all out of it and into its embrace.

Hymn of the Spark
Generic article | Dec 30, 2023

A sacred hymn to the Eternal so all may known even why their is only darkness there shall always be a light that will guide all out of it and into its embrace.

The Doomed Watch
Generic article | Jan 2, 2024
Wayfarer’s Union
Organization | Jan 11, 2024

An international group that is not held down by any government bodies in order to set out into the world and do good in the world against all that would do it harm.

Phoenix Nebula
Vehicle | Dec 31, 2023
Dark Claim
Condition | Dec 31, 2023
Flash Marble
Item | Dec 31, 2023
Flash Marble
Item | Dec 31, 2023
Maris Bay
Settlement | Dec 31, 2023
Tale of the Dark Dream
Generic article | Dec 31, 2023
Wayfarer Sentinels
Military Formation | Dec 31, 2023
The coming dark
Plot | Dec 31, 2023


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Wow! 50k is a big goal! It sounds like you've got a really clear idea of how to get there, and what great inspirations! Have a great WorldEmber! :)

Nov 22, 2023 12:34 by Carolyn McBride

I can't wait to see what you do with both your worlds. Good luck in December!

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50k is a massive goal! From the looks of it, you've got all your ducks in a row to knock it out out of the park! Best of luck and have fun this WorldEmber! :D

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