Migration of The Herd in 80210

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The most recent time that The Herd visited The Star System.



Acting Parties

The Herd regularly visits The Star System to forage for radiation, minerals and other nutrients. Such migrations occur approximately every 111 Years in the Calendar of Those Who Know. At the time of this migration, The Herd consisted of 97 ships including the one who would later be known as The Lone Youngling.

Reacting Parties

The migration was mainly observed by The Hive of Those Who Know, who are familiar with these recurrent guests and vice versa. Younger cultures inhabiting The Star System were largely unaware of the event. It is possible that some individuals or organizations noticed signs of the camouflaged ships, but they are unlikely to interpret them correctly.

Indirectly Involved Parties

The Rilsu spaceship Pasutgiruta launched during that time, attracting the Lone Youngling's attention and leading to her separation from the rest of The Herd.


The Herd stopped by every celestial body in The Star System at least once, except for the Central Star. The points of entry and exit were at safe distances to That Which Changes.



According to the communication between The Hive and The Lone Youngling, the latter was born between this migration and the one before. She was around 37 Years old by the time The Herd arrived in The Star System.   The Pasutgiruta launch had been scheduled for a date when The Sandy Moon and The Watery Planet were closest to each other.

Key Events


After materializing near That Which Changes, The Herd made a first stop at The Outer Planetoid before moving further inwards. They spent almost two Phases and eight Weeks foraging in The Star System before getting ready to leave.   While they were on their way back to The Outer Planetoid, one youngling spotted the launch of Pasutgiruta from afar and flew away to have a closer look, despite the warnings of the adults. She turned around by the time The Herd made its final stop at The Outer Planetoid, and tried rejoining the others for the departure from The Star System. However, the distance had grown too long in the meantime, so she arrived about one Culture Day after they had dematerialized.   Stranded without a way to leave The Star System, the Lone Youngling eventually took a rest at The Outer Planetoid before traveling back inwards. She stopped at The Molten Planet for a while, and finally moved on to The Watery Planet.

Detailed Dates

The Herd arrives in
The Star System.
80210/3/16 820/08/06 1446/11/18 433/08/15
The Herd arrives at
The Outer Planetoid.
80210/3/17 820/08/12 1446/11/24 433/08/21
The Herd departs from
The Outer Planetoid.
80210/3/18 820/08/16 1446/12/03 433/09/01
The Herd arrives at
The Ringed Planet.
80210/3/20 820/08/25 1446/12/14 433/09/11
The Herd departs from
The Ringed Planet.
80210/3/31 820/10/12 1446/14/20 433/11/17
The Herd arrives at
The Molten Planet.
80210/3/35 820/10/29 1447/01/13 433/12/12
The Herd departs from
The Molten Planet.
80210/3/43 820/12/27 1447/03/07 433/14/05
The Herd arrives at
The Burnt Planet.
80210/3/45 820/13/04 1447/03/16 433/14/14
The Herd departs from
The Burnt Planet.
80210/4/07 820/15/18 1447/07/03 434/03/25
The Herd arrives at
The Watery Planet.
80210/4/08 820/15/26 1447/07/12 434/04/09
The Herd departs from
The Watery Planet.
80211/1/06 821/05/24 1448/03/08 434/14/05
The Herd arrives at
The Burnt Planet.
80211/1/07 821/05/30 1448/03/15 434/14/12
The Herd departs from
The Burnt Planet.
80211/1/15 821/07/02 1448/05/03 435/02/01
The Lone Youngling
strays from The Herd.
80211/1/18 821/07/18 1448/05/22 435/02/19
The Herd arrives at
The Outer Planetoid.
80211/1/20 821/07/27 1448/06/06 435/03/04
The Lone Youngling
turns back.
80211/1/20 821/07/27 1448/06/07 435/03/04
The Herd departs from
The Outer Planetoid.
80211/1/21 821/07/29 1448/06/08 435/03/06
The Herd departs from
The Star System.
80211/1/21 821/07/31 1448/06/11 435/03/09
The Lone Youngling
searches for The Herd.
80211/1/22 821/08/05 1448/06/17 435/03/15
The Lone Youngling arrives
at The Outer Planetoid.
80211/1/25 821/08/18 1448/07/06 435/04/04
The Lone Youngling departs
from The Outer Planetoid.
80211/1/27 821/08/28 1448/07/18 435/04/15
The Lone Youngling arrives
at The Molten Planet.
80211/1/38 821/10/16 1448/09/25 435/06/23
The Lone Youngling departs
from The Molten Planet.
80211/1/41 821/10/27 1448/10/13 435/07/10
The Lone Youngling arrives
at The Watery Planet.
80211/1/49 821/12/23 1448/12/04 435/09/01

Stay Durations

Celestial Body UTD Culture Rilsu Nimýrité Pereqaiande
The Outer Planetoid 0 Days,
170 Coarse Time Units
9 musa,
15 tub
4 dinóné,
11 runané
4 oide,
11 vuzide
The Ringed Planet 10 Days,
183 Coarse Time Units
50 musa,
1 tub
56 dinóné,
1 runa
56 oide,
1 vuzi
The Molten Planet and its moons 8 Days,
71 Coarse Time Units
39 musa,
0 tub
42 dinóné,
27 runané
42 oide,
27 vuzide
The Burnt Planet 16 Days,
155 Coarse Time Units
78 musa,
9 tub
86 dinóné,
4 runané
86 oide,
4 vuzide
The Watery Planet and its moon 47 Days,
110 Coarse Time Units
221 musa,
29 tub
244 dinóné,
3 runané
244 oide,
3 vuzide
The Burnt Planet 7 Days,
11 Coarse Time Units
35 musa,
8 tub
38 dinóné,
24 runané
38 oide,
24 vuzide
The Outer Planetoid 0 Days,
72 Coarse Time Units
1 musa,
22 tub
1 dinó,
26 runané
1 oi,
26 vuzide


The Lone Youngling will have to wait for the next migration in order to reunite with her kind. The Herd's means of interstellar travel depends on a form of synchronization between phenomena like That Which Changes. Those cannot be manipulated by any known entity, so the only solution is to wait for such a synchronization to occur naturally.   The Hive continues to monitor her whenever possible, but mostly leaves her to cope on her own in accordance with their philosophy of minimal interference.
Year 80210, Day 16
in The Phase of Power Loss
Year 80211, Day 21
in The Phase of Greatest Power
Involved characters
Lone Youngling

Composition of The Herd

family ancient adult adolescent youngling
#1 2 2 3 0
#2 2 3 2 5
#3 1 2 3 2
#4 0 2 3 3
#5 2 2 4 1
#6 1 4 2 3
#7 1 2 4 2
#8 3 1 2 1
#9 0 3 2 2
#10 0 2 4 3
#11 1 2 3 5
total: 13 25 32 27

Involved Parties

The Lone Youngling


The Hive

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