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Watchman Deedly

Watchman Deedly | Member Since 1 Jan, 2022
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Menace Wizards Throw Local Man Out Window

Chapter Leader for The Writer's Sanctum. Please ask for my Discord handle. You'll often find me grazing the pastures of nerdom of varying nerd servers, hanging with the nerd hearders.

Cover art by Watchman Deedly
Original background image from Pixabay
Image of Mamie Gunnar rendered at HeroForge


What is a nerdy person, you ask?

1: A socially awkward or unfashionable person. I admit this is a correct assessment. I am socially awkward and I don't understand fashion. What is makeup used for again?
2: A person interested in technical or intellectual subjects- also true. Live long, and prosper, my friends.

Tools I love to use:

HeroForge Mini Figurine Rendering (Royalty Free Images)
Ibis Paint
Dungeon Fog Battle Map Editor

On Writing...

Reedsy Learning

And my favorite...The Local Library. Go read a book!

Favorite Movies

A Few Good Men
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Matrix
LOTR The Extended Director's Cut
Lawrence of Arabia
The 13th Warrior
The Princess Bride (Its a kissing book)

Favorite TV Series

Honestly, I don't watch a lot of televistion. But when I'm in the mood, it's usually this stuff:
Star Trek TOS
Star Trek DS9

Favorite Books

The Dark Tower Series-- Stephen King
On Writing-- Stephen King
Don Quioxte-- Miguel Cervantes
The Art of War-- Master Sun-tzu
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn-- Betty Smith
The Hobbit-- J. R. R. Tolkien
The Chronicles of Narnia-- C. S. Lewis
The Screwtape Letters-- C. S. Lewis
The Great Divorce-- C. S. Lewis
Ready Player One-- Ernest Cline
Matilda-- Roald Dahl
Create Story Conflict-- Eileen Cook
To Kill a Mockingbird-- Harper Lee
The Collected Poems of Emily Dickenson
The Collected Poems of Lord Alfred Tennyson
Dune-- Frank Herbert
Farienhite 451-- Ray Bradbury
1984-- George Orwell

Favorite Games

Portal 1 & 2
TLOZ: Ocarana of Time
TLOZ: Breath of the Wild
Diablo 1 & 2
The Rusty Lake Series