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Hazu Kalpasu

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The outer region of Mustik Kogli which surrounds the Zugakru Sea.


Defining Features

Hazu Kalpazu translates as "ring of colorful sparks", referring to the chaotic mix of different materials found all over the scorched ground surrounding the Zugakru Sea. Though the overall terrain is rather flat, the ground is marked by bizarre rock formations due to the irregular composition and various erosive processes.

Ecosystem Cycles

The region is flooded by dangerous amounts of Larevok's energies during the Heat Season. The Zugakru Sea will heat up to the point of boiling and release massive amounts of scalding steam into the air, and all lifeforms will be exposed to the mutagenic effects of the chaotic radiation. Few plants survive during that time, and the few animals which live there migrate far away into the desert to escape the devastating effects.   Once Kasavoa begins to move away in autumn, the sea starts to cool down and the animals are drawn back to the water. The lingering heat allows the plants to grow and reproduce before winter hits this side of the moon and the ground freezes. In spring, a second growth season takes place before the radiation levels become unbearable again.

Localized Phenomena

The massive amounts of energy impacting the crust push the tectonic plates away from the Zugakru Sea. While most of Hazu Kalpasu experiences only mild tremors from these shifts, they are often enough to destabilize the ground when loose and solid materials are shaken up. This, in combination with the destructive radiation and high humidity, makes it a futile effort to build permanent structures in this region.

Fauna & Flora

The harsh environmental conditions only allow for lifeforms that are durable or able to regenerate quickly. Most of these are lichens, or plants and fungi that run underground and sprout up in the humid air during the transitional seasons. Sentient life consists of hard-shelled insects and a few reptile species.

Natural Resources

The main aspect that makes Hazu Kalpasu attractive to people are the numerous resources that can be mined in that region. Due to the chaotic nature of the transformative processes, almost any known metal and mineral can be found. One material unique to Hazu Kalpasu are the fire crystals or pivoki which power most of the technology on Ranul.


During the transitional seasons, personal aircraft can sometimes be seen flying low above the colorful plains. The people on board are usually ketsa matsi lu borikruta, "recorders of momentarily beauty". They are members of a community on the global information network dedicated to documenting interesting rock or crystal formations before they break down again.   There is also a surprising number of adrenaline junkies who take radiation-shielded ikruta satmi ("steam riders") into the roiling, scalding clouds during the height of the Heat Season.
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Jan 8, 2021 00:14 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

Wow, the cycles of the seasons here sound intense. I did laugh a little at the thought of adrenaline junkies coming to fly through the clouds of steam during the most dangerous season. Of course people would do that.

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Hehe, I'm glad that you like the adrenaline junkies! :D That was more of an afterthought - originally, I wrote "no reasonable person goes there unless they have to". But then I realized that every civilization has a fair share of unreasonable people, and the Rilsu are no exception.

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