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The Silusia system of worlds orbit a G class star, once known as 61 Virginis, 27.8 light years from Sol. The planet of Silusia Alpha (sometimes hypenated as Silusia-Alpha, either spelling is acceptable) is named for its relative importance within the Silusia system. It is aproximately three quarters of the size of Earth but somewhat denser resulting in an overall gravitational field that is only a little weaker than Earth. It has a similar atmosphere and climatic range but a rather higher relative water content. The land area of the planet only occupies about ten percent of the surface area. Silusia Alpha is home to a native intelligent amphibious marine species, the bilachai and the thinderin Light Guard who act as custodians to an ancient amnyine site, the famous Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment.   Silusia Alpha seems to be an exception to the rules of the Society Of Contemporary Races, in that it possesses an advanced local species capable of writing, yet it is in open contact with a contemporary race, namely the thinderin, and is visited frequently by others including humans.   The Temple itself is the reason why the normal strictures have been broken. It is held as a sacred object in high regard by many species. Whilst the history of the early actions of the Light Guards┬áin assuming control over the Temple is not without controversy, it is now accepted that Silusia Alpha is a special case meriting different rules.   The image at the head of the article shows the south harbour region of the garden city of Rillyon. Out beyond the bay is the shipping route to the continent of Gethan, and the undersea city of Eastedge. To the south, from the right of the image, the coast road runs to Eryl Point via the jungle preserve where the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment sits both on and within an ancient and intricately carved hill overlooking the route.


There are seven widely separated contintents. Both poles are oceanic but icebound all year round. In the south, the largest landmass is called Seldamar and is the location of the Rain Cities League which is the centre of the most technologically advanced region on the planet.  
Silusia Alpha : South Seldamar
The South Seldamar region on Silusia Alpha. This is the home of the Rain Cities League and the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment.
  The Rain Cities League consists of six cities, four of them on land, Rillyon, Slessing, Plavess and Carith, with the other two being the undersea cities of Wythess and Eastedge. It also includes a number of more minor towns and villages in the hinterlands of the great cities. Rillyon (pronounced Rilly-On) is the leader of the League and also the site of the spaceport. The Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment can be found to the south of Rillyon in a region known as the Jungle Preserve. North of the area shown on the map lie seven smaller cities which together make up the North Seldamar Alliance. Kanterule and Nalldock are the two most significant of these.   The continent of Gethan lies to the east of Seldamar and is of a similar size and cultural significance, whilst Ectyon to the west and south is colder and smaller and less important.   Moving north, the Sun States are an expanse of mountainous islands and sandy atolls straddling the equator, too diffuse to be described as a continent, but a region with a sizeable bilachi population, nevertheless. Then in the northern hemisphere, the most important landmass is Haralab, a continent with many wealthy cities which compete with the cities of Seldamar and Gethan. Finally there are the less developed continents of Aviss, Munc and Latt with Latt being close to the pole and possessing a similar cold climate to Ectyon.


  • Silusia Alpha : South Seldamar
    The South Seldamar region on Silusia Alpha. This is the home of the Rain Cities League and the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment.

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