The Amnyine were an intelligent species of alien wanderers who lived in our galactic region for around a million years, between roughly 6 and 5 million years BCE, a period called the Amnyine Passage. They co-existed with the Querequian Cultures who were the dominant civilization of the time and claimed to be travellers from other dimensions, only passing through our universe. Whilst they are effectively extinct for all practical purposes, their absence is thought to be due to their continued migration into a new dimension, rather than to any catastrophic species extinguishing end.   The Amnyine left many strange and wonderful artefacts behind, of which the best known is the Temple of Chromatic Enlightenment on Silusia Alpha.

Basic Information


Superficially resembling huge white birds with enormous wing spans and an array of intricate tentacles with long feathered heads, this aspect of the Amnyine physiology was thought to only represent a part of their true form since the Amnyine were beings also of energy as well as matter, and they were capable of odd dimensional shifts which were never entirely understood by the observers in the Querequian Cultures who have told us the most about them.

Cover image: Amnyine by DMFW


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