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The Bubble

The Bubble is the region that gives its name to this entire history and story sequence. It was a roughly spherical region of space about 200 light years in radius and centred on Sol, Earth's sun.   Brought into being by the declaration of the Limitation in 2348, the Bubble was the only volume of space open for humanity to explore and colonise until the Limitation ended in 3541 and the Bubble burst.   Whilst the Bubble contains many worlds of great interest, including some with native intelligent life, it is undoubtedly no coincidence that none of the home worlds of the members of The Society Of Contemporary Races lies inside this volume of space and the origins of the Werm, the Thinderin and the Viwodia, all of whom travelled freely in the Bubble would remain a mystery to humanity until the Bubble burst.   The header image depicts the central regions of the Bubble, looking towards Sol in the anti-spinward direction.

Cover image: by Frontier


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