Cold Comfort

Colonised in 2360, after the Limitation had been enforced, Cold Comfort is a harsh world with average temperatures over the whole planet at the lower limit of those that may be considered tolerable for human habitation. The hardy settlers who make their home here are nevertheless, fiercely loyal in defence of its bleak beauties.   Below are the Bell Hills on the continent of Heimdall  
Cold Comfort : The Bell Hills by DMFW with Terragen
  And this is sunrise over St Oriel's Ridge, also on Heimdall  


The planet has a higher proportion of ocean to land than is the case on Earth, with three continents all stradling the equator; Heimdall, Vidar and Freya. Freya is the most populous of these and its two most important cities lie on the equator on the west and east coast respectively; Holdfast and Greater Ged.   The White Mountains in the south of Freya have some gold mining operations and here too the river Sanquon rises and flows to Greater Ged. Where the Sanquon leaves the mountains is the small town of Drifting Knives, built with low grey stone igloos separated by wide marshy avenues.

Fauna & Flora

Animal life on Cold Comfort tends to be small and needs to be well adapted to the low tempertures. It includes the following species:-   Chitterings : A rabbit sized herbivore with large flat teeth and a distinctive chattering warning call, which can be found (amongst other places) in the lower slopes of the mountains near Drifting Knives.   Zanhrass : A sheep sized herbivore that gathers in small flocks and likes mountainous country.


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Cover image: Cold Comfort : The Bell Hills by DMFW with Terragen


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